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White Children’s Bedroom Furniture Décor

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The bedroom is the ultimate space for R&R. It’s the place where you end each day and begin the next, so it really should be a space you love. If you’re thinking of revamping your children’s bedrooms, this is the article for you. While room décor is often a difficult task, it’s often much more simple once you get going. Instead of making things over complicated by mixing patterns or colors, why not go back to basics and embrace the timeless color that is white. White bedroom furniture makes for a calm and serene retreat that will feel relaxing and fresh. Don’t get caught up thinking white is boring, we’ve got some great ideas that make it far from it!

White in children’s bedrooms

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, you can’t beat white furniture. White children’s bedroom furniture décor is a fine balance. You need to decide whether you’re going to complement the white with subtle color or go wild with splashes of hue to accentuate it. There are so many options and the great thing about white children’s bedroom furniture is that it will go with any style of décor and will last through many years of changing themes. Let’s take a look at some ideas of what you could do for complementary white children’s bedroom furniture décor.

white childrens bedroom decor

A cool-toned color scheme

Create a stylish space for your child with a cool-toned color scheme to complement the white furniture. How about a genderless shade of mint to add a bright touch to a room? To truly emphasize the furniture, opt for a sophisticated parquet floor and a cozy chair so that you can transform the room into a guestroom should you need to.

Floral wallpaper with pastels

Simple white children’s bedroom furniture looks great against a floral wallpaper and pastel palette. The contrasting patterns work so well together. For an elegant and cozy addition, choose a neutral rug as a focal point and a place where your child can read or play.

Keep it subtle

While it might be wonderful to go wild when decorating your child’s bedroom, often being subtle in décor can add loads of charm. With classic white furniture and white walls, your child’s room can morph easily into anything your child desires. This would provide a plain backdrop for their play that can be emphasized with colorful toys, books and soft furnishings.

What’s more, white walls can easily be painted over and cleaned – especially if you have an artistic child or one with grubby fingers that leave prints everywhere!

childrends bedroom decor

Patterns and more patterns

White children’s bedroom furniture décor can be really stunning with a pattern. You can bring simple, white furniture to live with patterned curtains, a colorful rug and a patterned headboard. If you mix up the patterns and colors you’ll introduce a fun element into an otherwise minimal room.

Play with texture

For a truly inviting space, choose some accessories that have varying textures. A fluffy sheepskin rug on a wooden floor can really make for a cozy, warm feel in your child’s room. Add woolen throws over beanbags in a reading corner or teepee and your child will love settling down with a book or two no matter the time of day!

Don’t forget your lighting

A great thing about white furniture is that it reflects the room’s natural light beautifully. However, you want your white furniture to make the room just as inviting when it’s dark. White furniture can look stark at nighttime so make sure you choose lamps and nightlights that produce flattering, warm lighting.

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