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The Advantages of Low Loft Beds

Low Loft Beds

Low loft beds have seen a rise in popularity in recent years thanks to their versatility and comfort. When a room has little space or a low ceiling, a low loft bed is a great choice. As well as being space-saving, a loft bed can be styled with a dresser, desk, or sofa below. The options are endless!

Low loft bed + reading nook

For children, the space below a low left bed makes an ideal reading nook. With some bean bags, floor cushions, or small comfortable chairs, a bookshelf and a cozy lamp, the space under a low left bed can be an inviting place to curl up with your favorite book.

Low loft bed + play area

For children’s bedrooms with limited space, the space below a low loft bed makes an ideal play space. Whether made into a fort with curtains or kept simple with some storage and a rug, the play space is really versatile.

Low loft bed + extra storage space

If you’re replacing a child’s bed or guest bed, there are so many advantages of low loft beds in terms of storage. If you don’t need the space for a desk, it’s a great idea to use this extra square footage for storage. You could use storage bins, shoe racks, a clothes rail or just some lidded boxes to make the most of the space.

Low loft twin

Low loft bed + extra workspace

It goes without saying, a benefit of a loft bed is that you can have a workspace underneath it. You might be decorating a guest room and want the versatility of a spare bedroom but also recognize the importance of a dedicated workspace. Alternatively, as children grow, they start needing more space for their homework and studies. The advantages of low loft beds are that you can repurpose the space underneath at any time. So, what was once a dedicated play zone, can be turned into a homework space as the child grows.

Low loft bed + extra bed

A low loft bed can also be a bunk bed when styled with an extra bed underneath. Whether this is just a temporary measure as a guest bed for sleepovers or a permanent feature for siblings, a low loft bed as a bunk bed means that you have the space for two beds in one room. Yet, the advantage here of a low loft bed means that neither child is up too high, which is important for younger children.

Other advantages of low loft beds

As well as furniture arrangements of your low loft bed, there are other advantages too. First, there are a diverse range of styles available. You can get low loft beds in wooden or metal styles and there are advantages to both. Second, low loft beds have the advantage of being cost-effective with many different styles and materials to suit all budgets.

For children, low loft beds are fun as well as cozy! Getting to the top bunk is easier due to the lower height of low loft beds. Also, their lower height makes them much safer for younger children.

Overall, the advantages of low loft beds can be summarized by the following:

  • Versatile use of space underneath (storage, workspace, play space, spare bed)
  • Cost-effective
  • Cozy and fun
  • Not too high – suitable for low ceilings in attics and for younger children too
  • Adaptable as children grow and age
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to access the top bunk
low loft beds
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