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Low Loft Bed With Storage Chest – White


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Low Loft Bed With Storage Chest – White


This twin low bunk bed offers you a number of interesting furniture possibilities in bedrooms and guest rooms. The fact that it is raised allows you to add a dresser or other storage items beneath it, eliminating the wasted room floor space that it would otherwise take up. It also has a lovely white paint façade, that lets it blend easily into most wall colors, allowing you to contrast with vivid and vibrant hued home accessories. A lovely piece that is perfect for multiple interior spaces.

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Low loft beds have a variety of functional uses. The de-elevated nature of its raised sleeping surface makes it appropriate for small children or those who have anxiety about heights. At the same time, you still get the functional benefits of having storage or desk space underneath. That essentially allows you to have your cake and eat it too with these low loft bunks. But that’s just the beginning.

The hidden benefit of these loft beds is that they have a hidden storage chest built essentially into the design of the piece. This dresser features three, extra large drawers measuring 15 inches by 18 inches by 5 inches in depth, giving you all of the space that you need for you or your kids possessions. This storage piece is built with wheels, allowing it to be rolled beneath the loft bed in any position you want, allowing you to get a second furniture item under there. It can also be taken out if more room becomes available.

Another fun feature of these low loft beds for kids is that they have an optional tent covering that can be draped over the side, instantly creating a castle, palace, or hidden club house. That will ignite your kids’ imaginations, and turn this piece of furniture into a giant, interactive toy that they can play on. An additional benefit is that going to sleep will be that much more exciting because they aren’t just going to a bed they are going to a fort.

Made from solid, natural wood materials, along with cosmetic MDF these low loft bunk beds are designed to last with real, metal on metal connectors holding the pieces together. They also feature rounded edges and drawers with automatic stoppers to prevent injuries. In fact, these beds are built so safe that they exceed the requirements of the ASTM. That ensures the safety of the person sleeping as well as the long lasting nature of these pieces.

Furniture Notes

Loft bed accommodates an 8 inch mattress
Mattress ready wood slat kit included
Dimensions: 77 inches long, 41 inches wide, 44 inches high
Tent, Chest, and Bed available separately


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