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Organization Ideas for Twin Beds with Bookshelves

bookshelf beds

Decorating your own bedroom is hard enough, but decorating and furnishing a child’s room is much more challenging. You’ve got to agree on themes, colors and furniture, which can be a challenge. Children come with a lot of stuff – especially books. That’s why we’ve come up with this article discussing organization ideas for twin beds with bookshelves. Whether you need to teach your youngsters how to keep their things organized, or you just want a storage solution for a small space, these organization ideas for twin beds with bookshelves will certainly meet those needs.

Functional and practical

The key to keeping a children’s room organized is to provide enough functionality with the storage. Having drawers, cubbies, shelves and bins means your little one can easily store their things at the end of the day, transforming a playroom into a room that is perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Twin Bunk Beds

Organization ideas for twin beds with bookshelves – #1 headboard bookshelf

Save space with a twin bed that has a bookshelf ready-built into the headboard. Whether it’s a hidden bookshelf tucked away at the side of the headboard, a bookshelf across the whole back of the headboard or a single shelf above the headboard, this is a great space-saving way to store books. Imagine those cozy nights being able to read to your heart’s content without moving an inch to grab a book or two!

What’s more, many twin beds with bookshelves also come with other storage under the bed like draws and cupboards, making them even more useful and space-efficient.

Organization ideas for twin beds with bookshelves – #2 daybed with side bookshelves

Similar to our first idea, a twin bed with a side bookcase is a great idea for avid readers and book lovers. The shelving on the side of the bed makes a great feature and is a fantastic way of saving space in a small room. Using this in a guest room is a great idea as it means you can provide your guests with reading materials like magazines or books and you can even leave them space to store their own books or possessions too.

Bookcase beds often come with additional storage like cubbies or drawers underneath too, so you have lots of options for storage in a tight space.

twin bunk beds

Organization ideas for twin beds with bookshelves – #3 low loft bed with bookshelves

If you’re organizing a child’s room or a guest room and are trying to save space, a low loft twin bed with a bookcase is a great solution. There are so many options out there from ready-made low loft beds with existing storage to bespoke loft twins where you can truly customize the space. Having bookshelves under a bed is a fantastic way of saving space in a room. Couple it with a desk and it makes a great workspace. Or, you have the option of filling the space with soft furnishings like bean bags, floor cushions and rugs to make a cozy reading nook.

Organization ideas for twin beds with bookshelves – #4 bunk bed with desk and bookshelves

For an older child, a high loft bed or bunk twin bed with bookshelves below is an excellent space-saving storage idea for book lovers and avid readers. With the added height of a bunk, an older child will have loads of space and headroom to make their room really fantastic!

Conclusion – organization ideas for twin beds with bookshelves

Whatever your bookshelf needs, we hope these organization ideas for twin beds with bookshelves have helped you get some ideas for your space. There are lots of options on the Kids Furniture Solutions website. There really are so many possibilities for all you book lovers out there!

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