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Twin Low Bunk Bed – White Loft


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Twin Low Bunk Bed – White Loft


This low loft kids bunk bed is a shabby chic style piece of decor that is elegant enough to fit fluidly into a sophisticated home’s interior style, while still providing a gentle backdrop against which a kids room can be arranged. You don’t have to give up having an elegant home, and your children can have a bed that will blend into posters, toys, art work, and other personal items.

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KFS Stores twin white low loft bed is a beautiful and elegant accent that can compliment and even set the stage for any child’s bedroom. The soft white exterior of the natural pine wood’s finish creates an understated undertone that can easily fit into even the brightest palette. In a playroom or kids’ bedroom that can allow you to accent this bed with more colorful furniture pieces.

These beds are designed to be both safe and durable. The natural wood pieces are all connected with metal-on-metal connectors ensuring that they can withstand even energetic kids. The paint used to augment these beds is chemical free, and we even thought of the little things like rounding the edges and including automatic stoppers on the drawers to prevent unnecessary injuries.

These precautions in design mean that our kids’ low loft beds actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for furniture safety. At the same time, that durability will save you money over others beds, that will have to be replaced more quickly and over time. These beds actually have the staying power to remain functional and safe over time as siblings age, allowing them to be passed down and used again.

Low bunk beds are a really great choice for kids because they give you the functional space beneath them to store items, and even put pieces of furniture like dressers and bookcases. At the same time they have a lower elevation which makes them less scary to smaller kids and toddlers. In that way you can have the best of both bunk bed worlds.

Product Details

These low loft bunk beds are sized to fit a mattress that is 8” in height and they come with a wood slat kit to make setup easy. The bed’s dimensions are 77”LX41”WX44”H. We also sell several storage accessories that would be great for placing beneath the bed in order to keep your kids toys and books organized.


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