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Cool Kids Bunk Bed Ideas That Everyone Will Love

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Bunk beds are a great invention. Not only do they save space, but they can also be so fun and creative when they’re done well. Bunk beds aren’t just reserved for kids – they’re a great idea for holiday homes and guest rooms too. When space comes at a premium in city living, it’s worth thinking vertically.

Cool kids bunk bed ideas for young kids

You don’t have to do a lot to impress younger kids. Bunk beds are pretty exciting as they are, especially if you’re lucky enough to get the top bunk! However, there are some cool kids bunk bed ideas that are really simple and cost very little.

If you’re adept at using a sewing machine, you could create individual curtains for each bunk in matching fabric, or in the fabric choice of each child. This is a great idea for kids that have to share a room but that aren’t very happy about it! It also allows you to cater for different tastes too. Accessorize with cushions, perhaps some string lights and pictures on the walls and you’re set for a personalized, cozy space that your kids will love. Perhaps you could incorporate a small shelf or bookshelf too? You’d need to be wary of the chances of head injuries though!

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Cool kids bunk bed ideas for older kids and adults

When kids reach their pre-teens and teens, we know it’s all about devices. Tablets, smartphones, handheld games consoles and laptops all make it onto the ‘must have’ lists. There are heaps of cool kids bunk bed ideas for older kids – and even adults too. Some require more skill than others, but none are overly expensive.

What do devices need? That’s right, electricity. Planning your bunk bed location with USB charging points is a cool idea for any kids’ bedroom. For those who love smart tech, you could even buy smart lighting and smart blinds that can be controlled by your teen’s devices without them having to move from their beds! Of course, safety and positioning need to be considered when installing anything electrical, but who wouldn’t love a bunk with easy access to tech! I’m sure even visiting adults would appreciate this too.

Cool kids bunk bed ideas for the really creative

Have a large room and a set of bunk beds? Why not try to use the bunk beds as a room divider? This solution takes a bit more skill but is certainly doable. What you’d need is to create a wall on one side of the lower bunk and on the opposite side of the upper bunk. This would create more privacy for children and would allow for their space to be more their own.

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Final thoughts

You don’t have to be very creative to make a bunk bed look great. A few soft teddies, bed covers in their preferred character or theme, and some lovely cushions will make most children’s day. Of course, if you’re creative enough to try out curtains, lighting, shelving or even USB ports and smart lights, you’ll likely make a teen or adult’s dream come true.

Finally, if you do have squabbling children or children of different genders that need to share, it’s possible to use a bunk bed as a room divider with a little skill and a creative flair!

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