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Which Should You Choose? Bunk Beds with Stairs Versus Ladders

You’ve decided bunk beds are what you need for your child’s space so now you have the task of trawling through all of the hundreds of different options. One thing that many people ponder over is whether to choose bunk beds with stairs or ladders. There are actually more configurations than you might think. Let’s take a look.

Your options: bunk beds with stairs versus ladders

  1. A vertical ladder at the side of the bed
  2. A vertical ladder at the foot of the bed
  3. An angled ladder at the side of the bed
  4. An angled ladder at the foot of the bed
  5. A staircase

So, which should you choose? There are some things you need to consider about your options when weighing up whether to have bunk beds with stairs versus ladders.

Tips for deciding on bunk beds with stairs versus ladders for your child

1.      Space

This is arguably the biggest consideration. With a vertical ladder on a bunk, you will probably have the most space. A staircase will take up more space than both a ladder and an angled ladder. It does depend on your room shape, however. For some people with a narrow and long room, a staircase could be a great idea as it doesn’t protrude from the bunk.

Bedroom storage options

Also, if space is your concern, don’t forget that bunk beds with stairs often offer extra storage. While this takes up room, it does save space elsewhere as you won’t need as much storage in other parts of the room. There are many bunk bed models with steps that double up as drawers that are really accessible. So, if you have a bunk bed with stairs, there’s a good chance that you can do away with another piece of furniture.

Angled ladders tend to protrude more into the bedroom, but for many of these, the configuration is up to you. If you can choose where to put the ladder, you can minimize the impact it has on your space.

2.      Safety

Safety should always be a consideration when choosing bunk beds, especially if you have a younger child or a particularly clumsy child. Falls can happen and so you should consider safety when choosing whether to opt for bunk beds with stairs versus ladders.

The safest choice is a bunk bed with a staircase. This provides the child with a large surface to place their feet on. Lots of bunk beds with stairs also have built-in handrails too.

safe bunk beds

Another good choice for safety concerns is an angled ladder. When compared to a vertical ladder, an angled ladder makes climbing into bed easier, especially if your child is younger. Often, these come with a safety rail on the side to provide support when going up and down. Look out for angled ladders with wider steps, a sturdy handrail and grooves to prevent slippage.

Straight ladders are often the cheapest when choosing bunk beds. If your space or budget won’t allow for an angled ladder or stairs, there are still some vertical ladders that have wide, grooved steps for safety.

3 – comfort

Comfort when climbing is really important. As your child will be climbing up to the bed, they will likely have bare feet. Choosing a ladder that is comfortable to climb is really important and step size can make a big difference.

Also, think about how you will get up there to read a story or change the bedsheets! Even if your child is comfortable climbing up, you might find it a bit uncomfortable or challenging.

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