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Wholesale Loft Beds Deals

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If you’re looking for wholesale loft bed deals, there are lots of things you need to think about. Whether you’re shopping for a school, nursery, dorm, or preparatory school, we’ve got it covered in this article and there are lots of choices out there

Wholesale loft bed deals – beds for children (schools/dorms, etc.)

Loft beds are great for children but there are some things you need to consider before you buy. First, you should consider the height of the ceiling. You will need to ensure that the children have enough headroom to sleep safely and comfortably on the bed. If your ceilings are low, all is not lost; there are many low loft bed solutions out there, including wholesale loft bed deals for low loft beds.

Another consideration for children’s loft beds is how robust they are. When looking for wholesale loft bed deals, it’s likely that you’re looking for beds that will be used nightly for many years to come so you’ll want to make sure that you choose loft beds that are going to stand the test of time. You need to think about the materials used – is the loft bed made of solid wood? Metal? How are all of the parts fixed together?

wholesale loft beds

Wholesale loft bed deals, delivery and maintenance

With wholesale loft bed deals, it’s important to think about how the beds arrive. The chances are you’re buying quite a few if you’re looking at wholesale. If your beds arrive and need things screwing together then that’s going to take up a huge amount of your time!

Additionally, if you’re purchasing a large number of loft beds, you need to consider maintenance and how easy repairs would be should a bed get damaged. You should think about how easy it would be to replace parts of the bed like the ladder, railing, or slats. After all, when used by children in schools, loft beds are exposed to a lot of wear and tear.

Wholesale loft bed deals – beds for hotels, hostels and Airbnbs

If you’re looking for wholesale loft bed deals because you have a hotel, hostel or Airbnb property, there are lots of options. For hotels, loft beds are a space-saving piece of furniture. Where in the past, you might not have had enough room to provide family rooms, a loft bed means you can do so.

For hostels, particularly ones that are going to be used by young, single travelers, loft beds are a great choice. Many travelers don’t like cramped hostels that don’t have room for them to put their things. With loft beds, there is much more space. Each bed can have a dedicated sitting, reading or storage area underneath. With wholesale loft bed deals, you can kit out an entire dormitory with loft beds to match while ensuring style and comfort.

wholesale loft beds

When renting out an Airbnb, whether in your own home or separate property, loft beds are practical. They are space-saving beds that mean you can create a nice cozy place in a small room allowing you to maximize profits.

Wholesale loft bed deals – a summary

Whether you’re looking for wholesale loft bed deals for a school, hotel, hostel or Airbnb property, you can get some great deals online. Once you’ve decided that loft beds are what you need, you can start finding ones that suit your specifications. Kids Furniture Solutions has a huge variety of loft beds for you to browse.

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