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Clothes Storage for Small Bedrooms

Storage Beds

The average child today has a small to medium sized bedroom, as the bigger bedrooms in the house are usually reserved for the adults. Kids don’t really complain about the limited space but it presents a challenge when it comes to storage.

Traditionally, a bedroom serves two main purposes – for sleeping and for storing the resident’s clothes. This is why most bedrooms have a closet in which to keep clothes, shoes, and the other personal items of the person whose bedroom it is. But with a small bedroom, or one that is shared by two or more people, there sometimes is not enough space for a closet. In this case, you would have to think outside the box.

Loft Beds

Loft Bed with Storage

A loft bed is by far the most popular solution today for small homes. It effectively doubles the space by freeing up a large amount of space that is equivalent to the bed’s dimensions. Many people who buy loft beds do so with the intention of putting in a closet underneath the bed. Since the loft is not that high, this is particularly excellent for a child’s bedroom because the resulting closet will be easily accessible for the height of a young child. Alternatively, you can also use a chest of drawers or just ordinary storage boxes in the bottom area to store your clothes.

Bed with Pullout Drawers

Another nifty solution is to turn the underneath of your bed into storage. If you are handy, you can build these beds on your own but you don’t really need to as there are so many beds with pullout drawers now available in furniture shops across the country. You can store all your folded clothes in these pullout drawers, leaving you just the hanging clothes to worry about, which would now take up a smaller space.

Clothes Storage

Bunk Bed with Storage

In a small bedroom that is shared by siblings, you can maximize the space by swapping their two separate beds into a twin bunk bed. You can then use the freed up floor space for a shared closet or cabinet. This way, they will both have a nice bed to sleep in and they will also have ample storage space for their clothes. The only problem you might have is if they fight over who gets the top bunk, which is usually considered to be the prime choice.

Drawer Chests

Using multi-drawer chests instead of a traditional larger closet will allow you to store more clothes in a smaller amount of space. A five-drawer chest, for instance, will only take up very limited floor space but can contain your entire wardrobe and so much more. Indeed, if you fold your clothes the right way, you can be surprised at how many items a single drawer can contain. For a child, three drawers might suffice and it might be a better height that is more easily reachable by the child.

Thinking of ideas for clothes storage for small bedrooms may be somewhat stressful, especially if the space that you have is really tiny. But if you take a look at the selection of furniture that we offer at Kids Furniture Solutions, you will quickly realize that you do have a lot of possible solutions that you can use. All of our furniture are made by expert craftsmen and are guaranteed to last until your child has become an adult.

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