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Low Loft Beds for Teenagers

Among the most popular kinds of kid’s furniture these days are low loft beds for teenagers. These innovative beds are a wonderful choice for a bedroom that has limited floor space or for a room that needs to be shared by two or more siblings.

Obviously, the top part is used for sleeping. The bottom part, on the other hand, can be used for just about anything you can think of. That’s one of the great things about low loft beds for teenagers. With creativity and innovation, there is no limit to what you can convert the space into. To give you some ideas, here are some of the most common ways to use the space.

Study Area

A study desk and chair will fit very nicely in the loft space where a teenager can quietly do their homework. This works very nicely, especially if there is no separate study room in the house. You can put in a lamp or install lighting under the bunk of the bed to brighten the area. By making the area nice, who knows, it might even inspire a teenager to put more attention into their studies.

low loft beds for teenagers

Gaming Nook

For the gamer, the under-space will be perfect for a complete computer setup, with those flashing lights and speaker systems and all. They can even play to their heart’s content in their own space without worrying about bothering the other members of the household.

Mini Library

If your teen likes books, you can install bookshelves along with the space underneath the bed where they can store their literary collection, along with a few other trinkets that they want to display. You can also put a comfortable chair or a beanie which would be perfect for some casual or more intensive reading.

Small Pantry

Teens are notorious for being hungry most of the time. Sometimes they can’t help waking up in the middle of the night feeling very hungry or thirsty. Instead of having to go to the kitchen to get something to eat, they can just pick a midnight snack from a small cupboard that they have under their loft bed, as well as get some refreshments from the mini-fridge that would also fit quite comfortably in the space.

Low Loft Beds

Hangout Spot

There are times when kids just like to hang out at home instead of going out to the mall or doing outdoor stuff. The loft area can accommodate a couch or other comfortable seating for such occasions. They can just even sit on the floor listening to music, talking about their crushes, and doing whatever it is that teenagers do when they’re together. You can even lay out a duvet or spare mattress on the floor in case your teenager wants to host a sleepover for some of their friends.


If you don’t want to use the space as a living area, you can always convert it into storage space. A closet can fit in there nicely, or even stacks of organized boxes for things that you don’t want lying around the house. You can also put up a curtain around the area to make it tidier to look at.

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