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Great Playroom Toy Storage Ideas

Most mothers would agree that the hardest room in the house to keep organized would be the children’s playroom. On one hand, it would actually be a good thing if the playroom is cluttered because it means the kids like to actually play with their toys. But on the other hand, it can be quite ghastly to look at, especially if it is never tidy.

Efficient Storage Solutions

The good news is that there are several things you can do to at least maintain a semblance of tidiness in the playroom, starting with the use of efficient storage solutions. One of the reasons why playrooms tend to get messy a lot is because kids have too many toys. Trucks and dolls would be scattered on the floor or just piled about simply because there is no longer enough space for them inside the containers.

If you are a new parent who has never dealt with the unending clutter of toys before, or if you are running out of playroom toy storage ideas, you can check out the most popular options that parents have been using for decades. You can use these ideas as is, since they have always worked tremendously well for generations, or you can put your own touch of creativity and turn them into special customized storage solutions for your child’s playroom.

Storage chests

Toy Chests

Since time immemorial, toy chests have been a staple piece of furniture in a kid’s playroom. Oftentimes, these are made of wood and painted to match the color scheme of the room. Sometimes, they are also fashioned to look like a pirate’s treasure chest or maybe a giant princess jewelry box. Toy chests are not only very practical but can also be decorative pieces of furniture in the room.

Bed with Pullout Drawers

If a child has a combined bedroom and playroom, it makes perfect sense to give him a bed with pullout drawers. These drawers would put the vast amount of space underneath the bed to good use. Your child will be able to store toys, clothes and other belongings, keeping the floor area clear of clutter. Another advantage of these pullout drawers is that they are low to the ground and are very accessible to a young child.

Loft Bed with Storage Cabinet

Another excellent option for a combined bedroom and playroom is the loft bed. Most children love sleeping in loft beds so that is already a plus. Many loft beds come with matching storage cabinets that you can place underneath, or in other parts of the room. Either way, you can use the space under the bed for extra storage.

One trick you can use is to install curtains to cover the loft area and when your kids are sometimes too tired to properly put their toys away, they can pile them neatly inside that space. With the curtain covering the stuff, the room won’t look unkempt at all. Of course, they will still have to put the toys away in the respective containers eventually.

At KFS we have a wide array of cabinets, chests, shelves and tables that you can use to bring your playroom storage ideas to life. We are proud to offer you furniture that is durable and elegant at the same time. Since most of our products are purchased for children’s bedrooms and playrooms, we take special care to ensure that these are child-proof and built according to the highest safety standards.

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