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Twin Beds with Bookshelf Headboards

bookshelf beds

If you have never heard of a bookshelf bed, you might find the idea quite strange yet interesting. In fact, this might very well be the perfect bed for a person who loves to read, especially before sleeping.

Of course, the practice of sleeping at bedtime is not new – it’s the way many people actually make themselves sleepy. But what if you had an entire collection of books right at your headboard within very easy reach as you are lying down on your bed? That would certainly be a treat for the bookworm.

Perks of Having a Bookshelf Headboard

Most beds simply have an ordinary wooden board as their headboard. If you switch this boring old board with an actual bookshelf and get yourself a twin bed with bookshelf headboard, there are so many benefits you can enjoy.

Bookshelf Beds

Easy Access to Books to Read

If you love reading, you will likely have more than just a couple of books lying on your nightstand. In fact, a tall pile of books won’t even be enough to cover your nighttime reading selections. With a bookshelf at your headboard, you can keep all your favorite books within reach and you can pick any of them to bring you to dreamland.

More Storage and Display Space

The width of a headboard is quite substantial and if you convert it into shelves, they can contain a vast amount of items that might have nowhere else to go in your home. Of course, you should arrange the items in a nice display on the shelves so your bed does not look cluttered.

No Need for a Night Table

With all your books neatly standing in rows on your twin bed with bookshelf headboard, whatever will you need a night table for? All the other things that you normally place on the nightstand, like your reading glasses or a glass of water perhaps, can just as easily be placed on the shelves right over your head. Even the lamp that you normally put on a nightstand can be replaced by a light fixture affixed to the headboard.

Choosing a Bed with a Bookshelf Headboard

If you decide to get a twin bed with bookshelf headboard, there are some factors that you should take into consideration before you take your pick.

Strength and Durability

Any kind of bed that you buy should always be strong and durable. After all, you are entrusting it to carry your weight as you sleep, so you shouldn’t get something that is unstable and can easily unhinge.


The size of the bed would depend on the occupants that are going to sleep in it. A twin bed with bookshelf headboard is usually a safe choice for a kid’s room or a guest bedroom. The size of the headboard should also be just right and not be too big to engulf the bed.

Book Shelf Beds


Double shelves are an ideal choice because it provides enough storage and also a sense of balance in terms of appearance. Many bookshelf beds also come with drawers along the sides of the bed, which can be used to store bed sheets and blankets, or any other items you wish to keep out of sight.

If you are thinking of buying a twin bed with bookshelf headboard for your child’s bedroom or your guest bedroom, or maybe even for you, you can visit Kids Furniture Solutions and check out their superb selection.

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