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Storage for a Small Bedroom Without a Closet

Small Kids' Bedrooms

For many homeowners today, storage is a big problem. Whether it is in the kitchen, the garage, the living room, or the bedroom, there are usually too many things to keep organized. The challenge is particularly tough for families with smaller homes and less space to work with.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most effective methods to find storage for a small bedroom without a closet. With a little creativity, there is actually a lot that you can do to solve this perennial problem.

Pull-Out Drawers under the Bed

In a traditional platform bed, the space underneath is usually wasted and might even be a cause of fear for small children with active imaginations, thinking that a monster might be lurking in there at night. You can make the space more useful by putting in some pull-out drawers where you can store beddings, extra pillows, kids’ toys, shoes, and so on. You might install a large single drawer that is about the same dimensions as the bed, or a series of small drawers for easier sorting and organizing of items.

kids drawers

Chairs and Tables That Double as Chests

Chairs that are actually storage chests have become very popular as they are a great way to store different kinds of items and to keep the house looking very orderly. In a child’s room or play area, such a chair can double as a toy chest. You can even have a set of these chairs for different kinds of toys – one for cars, one for cooking toys, one for Lego pieces, and so on. The same can be done with tables, where the top surface can be used for a variety of purposes while the inner compartment serves as storage.

Loft Bed with Storage Cabinets

In a bedroom, the easiest way to get some extra storage space is to use a loft bed. When the bed is raised, a considerable amount of space becomes available underneath it where you can put in a closet, a couple of cabinets, a table, shelves, or stackable boxes. You can neatly put away so many clothes, shoes, toys, books and other random items without feeling like you are stuffing them into a cluttered mess. On the contrary, a loft bed with storage is one of the most organized pieces of furniture that you can find in any home.

bedrom storage without a closet

Thinking vertical is definitely the way to go when you are trying to maximize every square foot of floor space in a small bedroom, and a loft bed will help bring this to actuality. What’s really great about loft beds is that they can be used by just about anyone, from kids to older adults, especially if you pick one that is low enough to be comfortable to ascend.

When it comes to storage for a small bedroom without a closet, Kids Furniture Solutions presents a number of unique and practical options. Most of them are highly versatile and very elegant, and can easily grow old with a child until he is in his adolescent years. Some designs are even suitable even for adults. KFS products are all built with the highest level of craftsmanship and you can be sure of their stability and durability, as they are designed to last for many years.

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