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Low Loft Twin Bed with Storage

Bunk beds that are low to the ground

Finding the right kind of furniture for a room with limited space can be a challenge. This is why so many homeowners are probably very grateful that the low loft twin bed with storage has finally been invented.

It’s technically not a new discovery as loft beds have been around for decades. There’s no concrete proof but it is popularly believed that the first loft bed was built by the ancient Egyptians! Recently though, these inventive pieces of furniture have started to really become popular, most likely because smaller homes are also more common these days.

Advantages of Low Loft Twin Beds

Space efficiency is definitely the most notable advantage that you can get from a low loft twin bed with storage. By elevating the bed, there is a considerable amount of space freed up underneath that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. You can put rubber mats on the floor and turn it into a play area for younger kids. Older children can use the space for studying as it is big enough to hold a desk and a chair. It can also be converted into a reading nook, a TV-watching area, an open closet – the possibilities are endless.

Tent Loft Beds

Another advantage is that it makes bedtime easier. Kids naturally love loft beds. There is something about sleeping on an elevated bed that is just so fun and adventurous. You will never have to tell them repeatedly to go to bed once it is bedtime because they will happily climb up the ladder even before you say so.

Investing in a loft bed for young kids is also a great way to teach them independence. More than just having their own room, having a loft bed will be like having their own tiny home. You can teach them to keep the space organized and clean, which are great habits that they will keep until they become adults.

A low loft twin bed with storage is also an excellent choice for a guest room. With a twin size mattress and a height that is not difficult to climb, these beds will be very comfortable for any adult guest to sleep in. A matching cabinet will provide sufficient storage for their personal belongings, as well as towels and toiletries that you might provide for them.

How to Choose a Good Low Loft Twin Bed

There are many things that you can consider when buying a low loft twin bed with storage but what you should first is the stability and safety of the structure. The foundations, the frame and the ladder should be strong and able to withstand heavy weights and forces.

The height of the loft and the dimensions of the sleeping area are also worth checking. You don’t want something too high and difficult to climb or something too small that a child can quickly outgrow.

low loft beds for teenagers

The kind of material used, which is often either wood or metal, the finishing color, and the size of the matching storage cabinet are also important considerations. However, the decision on these criteria would usually depend on the individual’s personal preference.

If you are looking to buy a high-quality low loft twin bed with storage, you can check out the gorgeous selections at Kids Furniture Solutions. They have loft beds in different designs, sizes and colors that are perfect not only for kids but even for adults.

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