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Low Loft Bed With Ladder – Honey


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Low Loft Bed With Ladder – Honey


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These honey stained low loft beds with ladders are a great choice for really small children’s bedrooms. In spaces that are cramped, a child can feel restricted by what they can do, where they can play, and how they can use and shape the space around them. By giving them a full bed’s worth of empty space, you are creating options for both yourself and for them.

That extra space under the bed can be used for virtually anything. Storage is the obvious answer, and KFS Stores actually sells a number of matched honey colored kids furniture pieces such as dressers, chests, shelving, bookcases, and more. These will free up the room that would otherwise be used by these items, leaving that accessible as a place for your child to play and live.

Another option is to do exactly the opposite. You could make the space beneath these low loft beds with ladders the play area. Enclosed, this can be combined with a tent (sold separately) or any other barrier or hanging to create a fort, a clubhouse, a tea room, or a hidden palace. That can be where they have parties with their friends, and the starting off point for many future imagination adventures.

While this low loft bunk bed does only have one sleeping surface, this can still be a great option for shared children’s bedrooms. That is because you are still saving the full space of a bed, which can then be taken up with the storage items that would otherwise fill the room. At the same time, each child gets their own semi separated area, divided horizontally. This can give them each a sense of ownership and agency without them having to overlap.

Our low loft wood bunk beds are manufactured using solid pine materials which are joined by metal on metal connectors for an incredibly resilient design. The honey glaze is completely non toxic, and the edges of this furniture piece are rounded off to prevent injury from accidental bumps.

Note: Storage dresser drawer and tent are sold separately.

Low Loft Dimensions: 77”L x 41”W x 44”H – This bed accommodates an eight inch thick mattress.


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