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Child’s Room Organization Ideas

Keeping a child’s room organized and tidy can be a constant, draining chore. They’re always going to want to play with something new, and often those items will end up lying draped across the floor and furniture pieces in the room. Those can then become a risk for tripping, and accidental damage from sitting and stepping wrong, making the entire environment disorderly and hazardous. Luckily there are a number of child’s room organizational tricks that you can use to make the process easier and more natural.

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The first thing that you want to do is make sure that the room has plenty of storage options available. There are various child’s room organizational furniture pieces including chests, drawers, dressers, and shelves which can be purchased to outfit the environment with lots of functional features. That will ensure that everything has a place, and plenty of space to fit it comfortably away.

One child’s room organization idea that is commonly employed is to make use of very large, decorated storage options. Simple dressers can be outfitted with wrapping paper to make them look like giant presents. You can also tape construction paper sheets around bins and barrels to give your kids a place to draw the items that belong within. Another option is to make use of basketball hoops over laundry baskets to turn picking up their clothes into an exciting competition.

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One idea you can use to infuse a child’s room with organization is to purchase beds that have storage options built directly into the structure of the piece. Captain beds are known for incorporating multiple drawers into the space beneath the sleeping area, letting the product do double duty. There are also a variety of bunk beds with storage stairs that use the climbing area to create shelving.

While developing an organizational strategy for a child’s bedroom or playroom it is important to keep things simple. You want a system that is intuitive and user friendly enough that your kids won’t have trouble making use of it. Have just a few large storage items, over multiple small meticulous spaces, so that it’s easier to remember where everything goes. You can also maintain a points system that rates how tidy they keep the room, with possible rewards when they reach certain goals.

A great money saving child’s room organization idea is to purchase furniture bundles that have multiple pieces, all of which can be used to store and separate your kids possessions. By purchasing matched sets you will be able to get discounted prices, while also completely outfitting a bedroom with everything that it needs, all in matched colors and finishes for a great integrated look.

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