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Unique Playroom Decorating Ideas

A playroom is a magical space that is designed to be fun, exciting, unique, and functional. When decorating such an environment it’s important to to try and instill a sense of wonder, and inspiration into the atmosphere. At the same time you should also work closely with the child themselves, choosing elements and accessories that encourage their curiosity while also supporting their burgeoning interests.

The age of the child is going to be the first determining factor as to the decorating ideas you will want to explore. Young toddlers need their environments to have very general colors, shapes, and forms, in order to help them slowly grow into their cognitive ability to perceive the world around them. With older children you will be able to make use of more elaborate and unique playroom decorating ideas in order to build a more personalized space.

playroom bedsWhen exploring different playroom decorating ideas you should try to keep the function of the space in mind. Usually this will be an extra room dedicated to toys, games, and books for your kids. However simple additions such as a captains bed, can turn the space into an occasional guest room. These functional pieces feature multiple storage drawers built right into the frame which can be used to help organize the space during the rest of the year.

In some cases you may want to implement a theme into the area. There are a number of unique playroom decorating theme ideas that can be used, including different stories, movies, series, or even video games. If you’re looking for something a little more educational than you can explore your child’s interests, building a decorative scheme based around space, the ocean, animals, or various literary backgrounds.

playroom decorating ideas 3When creating themes in a child’s playroom it is often useful to implement playable decor. This can involve taking toys and sets, and strategically placing them to create an interactive environment. There are also unique items such as wall decals that can be pulled and moved across the room to create low maintenance living tapestries in the area. This can be supplemented by cardboard and construction paper 3D decor such as plants and fixtures made out of temporary materials.

Another unique playroom decorating idea that has functional benefits is to place a bunk bed into these spaces. These double decker furnishings are an all in one solution for when guests want to spend the night. However the rest of the year they can double as playroom toys, which your kids can use to build forts, castles, club houses, and space ships with nothing more than a draped blanket lying over the edge.

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