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Southwestern Style Area Rugs

Southwestern Rugs

Torino TI100 Paprika Rug TI100PA

Here at KFS Stores we’ve been adding a number of great area rugs and decorative floor coverings to our catalog recently. These are lovely, functional pieces, that can act both as decorative accessories to enhance the appearance of a space, but also as tactile utilitarian objects that can make a room feel more warm, comfortable, and cozy. This week we are looking at the Torino TI 100 Paprika southwestern style area rugs, which feature a gradient color surface that is perfect for Western and Adobe style interior spaces.

These attractive rugs have a strong, southwestern style flair, that can make an area feel alive with desert heat and colors. The gradient of reds and oranges travels the surface of these pieces in striated lines, creating a sense of vibrant energy that practically trills through them. This is then communicated to the surrounding environment to create a flair that is palpable, while still maintaining a refined and subdued, subtle dignity.

Western Area RugsThese area rugs are particularly suited to living rooms, as the warm earth tone colors, lit with just a hint of flame, can create a space that is both welcoming, and comforting. These are also popular dining room rugs, as the whispers of red and orange can actually serve to subconsciously spur the hunger, appetite, and metabolism of people within the space. That same psychology of color property can be applied by using these pieces in a kitchen, dinette, or other culinary environments.

The powerful red and orange hues of these southwestern style are rugs can also be employed strategically in a bedroom. There the warmth underfoot will be appreciated on cold chilly nights, while the rush of passionate colors can help to spark romance in the privacy of a boudoir. These rugs can even be inspirational pieces to help people who have trouble motivating for the day when they wake in the morning.

area rugsThese Torino TI 100 Paprika southwestern style area rugs are available in two sizes. The 5’ X 7’3” rectangle gives you enough material for an accent area rug, that can sit at the center of a social room. The larger 7’9”X9’9” size gives you a powerful and dominating furnishing, that will cast a sense of western flair across the span of the entire room.

These rugs are great for children’s bedroom and playrooms, as they can soften otherwise hard, harsh floors, protecting them from accidental falls while also providing them with a play area at their feet. The red toned hues in this particular piece would go especially well with many of our merlot beds, bunk beds, captains beds, and matched home furnishings.

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