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How To Organize a Kids Bedroom

When setting up the organization of a kids bedroom you want to try and create a system that is simple enough that they will naturally maintain it themselves over time. This can be enhanced through the use of creativity and imagination, to make the process of keeping things clean and tidy more of a game than a chore. You should also try to work closely with the child while developing the pattern of the space, so that you can better craft the room to their specific personal needs.

In order to organize a kids bedroom you have to start with storage. These elements will be the building blocks of order, around which you can create a clever strategy of form and function. Consisting of boxes, drawers, shelves, closet space, and bins, these are the items that will contain your child’s possession, holding them in place when not needed, but leaving them ready for use whenever the necessary occasion arises.

captains beds with storage

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Captain’s beds are popular furniture pieces in children’s bedrooms. These versatile and eclectic furnishings are named for the beds that were once used by sea captains with limited space for storage. In order to combat this problem they had pieces built with multiple organizational drawers laced throughout every inch of the frame. In a kids room, captains beds are fun and exciting ways to maintain the order of a space without having to purchase a variety of dressers, drawers, and shelves.

It is often tempting to bring dozens of different storage options into a child’s bedroom in order to divide the space up according to strict and striated rules. However this can often end up overwhelming kids so that they don’t use any of the organizational features. Rather you should have just a few large storage areas, that are clearly marked off and labelled so that it is easy to put possessions back after they are done being used.

Most storage boxes, bins, and containers will be a single, solid color. However you can make the act of organization more fun by dressing these pieces up with pictures, stickers, or even by wrapping them in gift paper to make it look like they are presents ready to be opened. This makes the prospect of play even more exciting, and also fills the cleanup process with a sense of magic and creativity.

kids bedroom furniture

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Another clever trick that you can use to organize a kid’s bedroom is to make use of furniture pieces that have storage built directly into their frame. Many of the bunk beds and loft beds that we offer have drawers embedded underneath the bottom mattress, and some have shelves or bookcases built into stairs and walls. This allows you to make use of the otherwise wasted space within these pieces to help keep a room more fit and tidy.

How you organize your child’s bedroom should ultimately be based largely on their personality. If they are a meticulous kid then you can add extra organizational options, and they may even find the process of maintaining order, fun. Those who are more creative dreamers will respond better to games, stories, and imaginative attempts to make the process interesting. Just make sure you talk to them, and get their feedback throughout the process in order to achieve the best results.

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