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Twin Over Full Espresso Bunk Bed

Today we are spotlighting one of the most elegant, premium pieces of children’s bedroom furniture that is available anywhere. The twin over full espresso bunk bed is made from the finest quality pieces of natural solid wood, which are carefully joined using real metal on metal connectors. This is then coated in a striking espresso finish, that gives this twin over full bunk bed an eye catching power that will be pervasive in a variety of locations.

Our espresso line of children’s bunk beds consists of premium pieces designed to elevate the environment around them. The dark lacquer stain gives the real, solid wood materials a sophistication that is stylish enough for teens and young adults, while having a timeless quality that is great for kid’s rooms. The twin over full bunk design is also useful for siblings of different ages who might be sharing a room.

twin over full bunk bedThe most common location where you would find a bunk bed is in a child’s bedroom being shared by two or more kids. However these espresso furniture pieces are so attractive and powerful that they are also at home in any limited space sleeping situation, including guest rooms, dorms, and shared loft apartments. The smaller twin top is great for a child or infant while the larger full bunk below can easily accommodate a teen or older adult.

These elegant espresso bunk beds are also space saving storage devices that can help to keep a room organized and tidy. This is done using the expansive, three drawer under frame pull out unit, that features larger than industry standard 15”X18”X8” dimensions. This feature can also be substituted for a twin sized pull out trundle bed that gives you a third sleeping surface for when extra guests decide to unexpectedly spend the night.

Espresso BunksAnother beneficial feature of these stylish espresso bunk beds is that they are extremely durable. Featuring solid wood materials, real metal on metal connectors, rounded edges, 28 mm bed rails, and a tested toxin free lacquer, these pieces are built to stand the test of time, with a reliability that is tantamount when choosing a raised children’s bed. In fact all of these furnishings are able to actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety in loft and bunk beds.

It can sometimes be difficult for children, teens, and or young adults who are forced to share a single bedroom. With these twin over full bunk beds each child can have a sense of ownership and even privacy to some extent, with their own bedding area located on a different vertical plane. The top twin bunk rises above the room, giving one child a perch in the proverbial clouds, while the other has a secret and secure cave fort down below, which can be reinforced with pillow and blanket walls.

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