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College Dorm Room Furniture Sale

As summer turns to fall and the leaves begin to color, students of higher education start looking back towards their universities, dorms, and loft apartments, with thoughts of how they will decorate, arrange, and devise their school time housing for the year. To this end, KFS Stores is bringing you a great selection of college dorm room furniture for sale at low, discount prices, to help outfit that first home away from home with the highest quality pieces, at prices that won’t break the bank.

College captains beds

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Day Beds

One of the biggest problems with dorm and college apartments is that they can be very tiny. Luckily KFS Stores has a number of great space saving bedroom furniture solutions that can help to make the most of every inch available. Our discount captains beds are especially good at this, providing twin or full size sleeping surfaces, that also feature built in frame pull out below bed drawers. In some cases they also have back or side board book cases for keeping all of those important notes and textbooks organized.

There are also a number of great college loft beds for sale for small studio apartments. These raised height sleeping surfaces help to create floor room by providing a space underneath where a second piece of furniture can go. Many of these are paired with below bed desks that match the frame of the main piece, creating an attractive integrated look. Under loft storage furnishings such as dressers and drawers can also be placed in this open area.

School Furniture

Discovery World Furniture Twin All In One Espresso Loft Bed – 2903

Bunk beds are used in many dorm rooms and college loft apartments, as these are the ultimate space saving furniture pieces. Doubling the effective sleeping space, they let you make optimal room of a cramped area, while also providing a sense of privacy and ownership to each occupant. We have a variety of great, safe, and reliable bunk beds for sale in our back to school college furniture sale. We’re also able to provide wholesale bunk bed prices to schools and universities looking to make bulk purchases. Contact us for more details.

Aside from beds, college kids are also going to be worried about getting their apartments looking great. We can help there too, with a variety of matched home furnishings such as dressers, drawers, and desks that are made of the same, stained solid wood that our beds are. We also have a great selection of rugs that can be used to add a splash of color and personalization to the room.

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