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Cappuccino Space Saving Loft Beds For Kids

Our newest piece of children’s bedroom furniture is an incredible, functional, space saving loft bed for kids. It features a raised bunk sleeping surface design, that provides a twin area for resting above, and plenty of room for a fully functional desk below. This is combined with a number of clever frame carving storage elements that can help you to organize even the messiest of rooms.

Often children get the smallest bedrooms in the house. That can make it difficult to fit all of the furniture they need to work and play. With these space saving loft beds for kids you have an ingenious design that allows you to use vertical height in order to increase horizontal room and comfortably fit storage, sleeping, and play areas all into a compact corner. That’s without giving up any of the functionality that these piece would have as standalone items.

One of the great things about these loft beds is that they incorporate a work and study area directly into the sleeping structure of the room. That makes it seamless for children to hop out of bed and start working on homework or crafts, or to keep toiling at their projects right up until bedtime. The built in shelves and drawers also mean that useful items will be on hand and ready to go whenever your kids need them.

Many people choose to purchase two of these space saving beds in order to create different work stations for children sharing a bedroom. The raised platform sleeping area is like a tower, while the overall unit provides a kind of built in partition, a space that can be personal even in an environment inhabited by multiple kids. This can then be incorporated into play with the under desk and overlooking areas being built into fun pillow and blanket fortresses.

These lovely pieces of furniture for kids are made from real, solid wood materials, which are lovingly coated in a cappuccino lacquer finish which has been specifically tested to be lead and toxin free, making it safe for children. Because of this our loft beds have a style and sophistication which can match and enhance the rest of the home environment, while still making your child feel comfortable in their own, secure space.

earth toned rugsThere are a variety of earth tone area rugs available in our store that can match the colors in these stained wood pieces, with lovely sun burnt oranges and reds, as well as a variety of rustic browns and grays all available for a child’s bedroom. These can also be paired with matched hardwood furnishings that are lacquered in the same soft cappuccino elegance as the bed itself.

With a low loft bed design these space saving furniture pieces are great for small children who might be afraid of the height of a traditional bunk bed. The built in storage, including three dresser drawers and a double row book shelf also make these a great choice for avid readers, and students. At the same time the quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and rich beauty of the solid wood materials serve to make these perfect for a variety of boys rooms, girls rooms, and even extra space play rooms.

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