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White Kids Furniture Sets – Full Captain Day Bed – Desk, Hutch, Chair & 5 Drawer Chest



White Kids Furniture Sets – Full Captain Day Bed – Desk, Hutch, Chair & 5 Drawer Chest


Discovery World Furniture white full captain day bed with desk, chair and five drawer chest.

SKU: 80223–80255–0267–0267h -0275

This white painted kids furniture set is the perfect solution for child, teen, and young adult bedrooms. Made from solid wood, painted with a lovely, classic white finish, the style of the pieces found in this set is subdued enough to settle soundly into nearly any fad faze that your kids may go through. That makes these pieces timeless, allowing them to remain as staples of your interior for years to come.

This furniture bundle consists of a full sized white captains bed, a five drawer dresser chest, a study desk for work and crafting, and a matched chair to accompany it. That makes this the ultimate way to completely outfit your kids bedroom with everything they will need to succeed. At the same time it saves you money, as this package is far less expensive than each of these items would be separately.

In addition to the 5 drawer dresser, the white facade captains bed itself also has a variety of storage features. Beneath the sleeping surface, built into the frame, are three handy drawers just ready to pull out and help you get organized. There is also a shelving unit built into the backboard, for display items, art pieces, and trophies. In addition the bed has a useful trundle that can be pulled out for an extra sleeping surface whenever a guest comes to visit.

White full captain bed with 3 drawers trundle, and shelf
Matched 5 drawer dresser chest
Matched white painted study desk
Matched white painted study chair



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