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Playroom Theme Ideas That Your Kids Will Adore

Kids Themed Bedrooms

Decorating a playroom is a lot of fun. There are not a lot of rules and there are so many ideas to choose from! But then, the sheer volume of possible themes is actually what makes the project much more difficult and confusing. Which theme should you choose? How do you pick just one when there are so many wonderful designs? The key is to involve your kid and simply ask them what they want! Here are some of the best playroom theme ideas that you and your child would love.

Sports Theme

For a child that is athletically inclined, playroom theme ideas that revolve around sports would make perfect sense. Decide on the sports that you want to include in the room and work around that.

If your child loves basketball, for instance, you can install a hoop over the clothes hamper. Not only will this help them practice their aim but it is also a clever way to keep those dirty clothes from the floor. Another great idea for a sports-themed playroom is to create an indoor rock climbing wall. This is great for helping them build muscle strength, coordination and dexterity.

playroom dollhouse

Princess Theme

A timeless classic for young girls from all generations, the princess theme remains to be one of the favorite choices today not just for the playroom but more popularly for the bedroom. A four-post bed with a luxurious canopy would be a dream come true for many princess wannabes. But if this is too elaborate, this very pretty dollhouse bed would be a more than adequate alternative.

You can add fairy lights along the walls, and use pretty pastel colored decor, as well as plush rugs and dainty curtains in pinks and purples. A dresser filled with princess accessories, like fancy jewelry, a tiara and even a scepter, would be a joy for any little girl.

Outdoors Theme

You can take the outdoors into your home by creating an outdoors themed playroom for your child. Of course, it’s not nearly the same thing but when they suddenly have a craving to go camping, they can simply spend the night in the tepee in the playroom, and have a snack in front of a make-believe campfire.

For this room, you can install carpeting that looks like grass and use wooden furniture that has a raw, natural finish instead of the colorful painted patterns typical of children’s playrooms. This mossy oak picnic table that can be used for artwork, board games, or eating snacks, is also a wonderful addition to an outdoor theme playroom.

racecar beds

Race Car Theme

If your boy is particularly fond of race cars, he will likely have a few collectible cars in his possession. You can create a nice display area for these cars and other racing memorabilia along one wall of the room. On another wall, you can paint checkered flags, maybe with his name incorporated in some way for personalization. And of course, a race car themed playroom won’t be complete without a racecar bed where he can take naps during the day.

Final Thoughts

Are you starting to get some really exciting playroom theme ideas of your own? You can use the ideas mentioned above for inspiration or create one that is entirely from your own imagination. It’s best to get the kids involved in the decorating process because after all, it is they who will be using the room anyway. At the end of the day, what’s important is to build a space that your child will love and that will help them develop physically and intellectually in a fun and wholesome way.

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