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5 Reasons to Consider Captain Beds for Teens and Young Adults

When picking out a new bed for your teenager, most parents naturally gravitate towards a twin size bed simply because it is the traditional choice. While there is nothing wrong with a regular bed, you might also want to look at the wide range of other options that are available. Beds come in more styles and variations than most people are actually aware of. For instance, captain beds for teens and young adults are among the most popular choices these days, and for a host of excellent reasons.

Efficient Use of Space

One of the primary advantages of a captain bed is that it makes the most of whatever space you have. In fact, captain beds are so-called because they are what sea captains use in their relatively small quarters on board a ship. With the limited space while at sea, these beds really are very space efficient, leaving no square inch left unused.

captain beds

If your teenager doesn’t have a very large room, then the kind of space efficiency offered by captain beds would be a huge advantage. It is also perfect for young adults who are staying at a small apartment or condo unit where space is at a premium.

A Lot of Extra Storage

Storage space is always very much in demand in any bedroom. Teenagers, in particular, have so much stuff that any extra drawer or container will be much appreciated. With the design of a captain bed, you can have as many as 12 separate drawers installed right underneath the bed. Just imagine the number of things you can store in those drawers, and all of them are within easy reach.

Most of the captain beds at Kids Furniture Solutions come with three options when it comes to under bed configurations. The first option is three drawers and a pull-out trundle bed, which is perfect for two teens sharing a room. The second option is six drawers, arranged in two layers of three drawers each. And the third is the 12-drawer options, with six in dual layers on either side of the bed.

More Organized Look

Of course, the tidiness of a room will still depend on the organizational skills and habits of the occupant. But in general, a captain bed does make for a much cleaner and more organized look in the room. Part of this is because of its solid design but more than that, it is because the captain bed can actually eliminate the need for extra cabinets or chests.

The drawers of our captain beds are much wider and deeper than regular bed drawers, and can thus accommodate more items for storage. But even if they get weighed down when filled with your stuff, the sturdy European gliders that they are set on make it easy to pull the drawers open and to push them close.

Charcoal Twin Size Bookcase Captain Bed

Sturdy Built

When it comes to bed design, there are few that have a sturdier build than the captain beds. The furniture is made with 100% natural pine wood, with reliable metal on metal connectors joining the separate sections together. It is made to accommodate heavy weights and with proper care, can be passed down from generation to generation.

Available in Different Sizes

Lastly, another great reason why you should consider captain beds for teens and young adults is because they come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Here at Kids Furniture Solutions, we have full size and twin size captain beds. You can also choose from a variety of accompanying mattresses, or choose not to get any if you already have one. Browse our catalog and find the perfect one that matches your needs.

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