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Fantastic Ideas for Kid-Friendly Home Décor

Decorating a house can be a huge challenge if you have young kids around. Instead of just concentrating on how you would like your interior to look, you also need to consider things like the safety of your kids and the durability of your décor against child-induced damage.

With that being said, making your home kid-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look like a nursery. In this article, we will give you plenty of fantastic ideas for kid-friendly home décor that will not force you to sacrifice style.

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Use Patterned Rugs

Stains are going to be a very familiar thing if you have young kids around. The floor is going to be a particularly frequent victim, what with all the spills that are going to take place in years to come. Instead of bemoaning every unsightly juice stain or muddy footprint that finds its way on your immaculate carpet, save yourself the stress and use a nice patterned rug to decorate your floors instead. With all the patterns available, it won’t be hard to find one that suits your taste and matches your interior.

Pick Easy to Clean Upholstery

Just like floors, sofas and chairs are also unwitting victims of stains. It is therefore wise to choose the appropriate kind of upholstery that can hold its own against these stains. Distressed leather or faux suede is quite easy to clean, and they also age quite well. While you’re at it, you might want to choose darker colors for your upholstery, or pick ones with patterns that can disguise otherwise horrid splotches.

Be Creative with Storage

Having kids around means toys are likely to be everywhere. If you want to keep your sanity, you will need to have a nice place to store them around the house, and not just in the playroom. Fortunately, some of the best ideas for kid-friendly home décor actually have to do with storage. Gigantic decorative baskets, ottomans that double as chests, and spacious window seats can all contain your kids’ toys, and none of your visitors would have an idea.

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Display Your Kids’ Artwork

Instead of purchasing very expensive paintings to hang on your living room walls, why not frame your kids’ artworks instead? Not only are these a much more affordable home décor alternative but they are also one of a kind. They would also be a great topic of conversation for when you have visitors. Most importantly, they will give your children a sense of pride and accomplishment, seeing that you appreciate their work.

Choose Safe but Elegant Furniture

You want to stay away from glass furniture, at least until the toddlers have grown up a bit. Instead, you can go for natural wooden pieces, like the ones at Kids Furniture Solutions. Many of which are actually very elegant and would greatly increase the aesthetic value of any room in your home.

Take this media chest available at Kids Furniture Solutions, for instance, or this 5-drawer chest. Nothing about them screams like they were made for a preschool or nursery but they are perfectly safe to be used in such places. The edges are rounded, the drawers come with positive stops that keep them from falling out, and their structure guarantees that they won’t tip over and cause injury.

For more kid-safe furniture ideas, as well as ideas on kid-friendly home décor, come over to the Kids Furniture Solutions website. Each of the pieces offered on the site is guaranteed safe for kids and is all designed with the highest standards of excellence and beauty in mind.

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