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Bedroom Organization Hacks That Can Give Your Space an Instant Makeover


Organizing the bedroom is one of the biggest challenges that many homeowners face. Usually, the problem is rooted in the fact that there are way too many things and not enough storage solutions.

It can be overwhelming but with a little bit of creativity, and if you take it one step at a time, there are actually plenty of easy solutions. Here are some clever bedroom organization hacks that can magically transform your space. Try them out and see the difference!


Hang Racks and Hooks on Closet Doors

The inside of the closet door is often a wasted opportunity for storage and organization. You can place a hanging shoe rack on it for storing your small items of clothing like underwear and socks. Likewise, you can hang a large accessory hook for holding your bras and tank tops. You will be amazed at how much shelf space you can free up in your closet by using these bedroom organization hacks.

Use Under Bed Storage

The space underneath the bed is vast and unfortunately, all that they contain are dust bunnies and missing socks. You can utilize this space to store all kinds of items, like thick bed linen, and off-season clothes shoes that you will not be using on a daily basis. You can buy some plastic bins intended for such purposes and stash them under the bed.

Or better yet, you can switch to a nice bed that has built-in drawers underneath, like this captain day bed from Discovery World with as many as 6 drawers. A bed with a trundle pullout, in addition to a row of the drawer, can store even more items and is ideal for people who have a lot of stuff stored in the bedroom.

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Conceal Cables and Cords

Did you know that unsightly cords contribute greatly to the cluttered look of a room? This is why one of the easiest bedroom organization hacks is to simply hide those messy cables. Use handy cable clips to keep them tidy and position your furniture strategically so that the cords are behind them and not in plain sight.

Install High Shelving

Ever noticed how the upper parts of the wall are usually just empty space? You can put them to good use by installing shelves along the length of the wall. You can use this for storing items that you seldom use but do not want to get rid of either. This way, you can keep them in the room but they will be out of the way and will not contribute to the clutter in the lower part.

Use a Pegboard for Small Items

You can install a pegboard on an accessible part of your bedroom wall, ideally beside the dresser or by your nightstand. This actually has a dual purpose. The first is for organizing small items like scarves, handbags or accessories. The second is for displaying pictures or other décor elements.

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Take Time to Declutter

Unlike the bedroom organization hacks, we listed above, this one is more about sorting your stuff and getting rid of what you no longer need or want. Truly, it is much easier to keep any space organized if there isn’t an overflow of items going on in every corner of the room. You don’t necessarily have to throw away everything – you can donate, sell at a garage sale, or put it into a storage unit. In any case, minimalism is definitely compatible with the organization.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few great bedroom organization hacks to get your creativity flowing. Just by thinking outside the box, we are sure you can come up with even more ideas that can transform your room for the better!

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