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Inspiring Kids Room Décor That Your Children Will Love

Inspiring decor

Decorating a child’s room is one of the most fun parts of home design. First of all, the conventional rules of design need not apply so much. This means you can be quite creative, while maintaining safety, of course. Second, the occupants of the room are usually up for a lot of fun with it as well! We are sure that you will be bursting with ideas in no time but just to get you started, here are some inspiring kids’ room décor that we think you and your children will absolutely love.

Wall Mural Art

Kids love art and paintings. The bigger the artwork, the more amazing it’s going to be. It’s going to be even more exciting if the kids are involved in the making of the artwork. Not only will the outcome be fantastic but it can also be a fun and memorable activity that you can share with your kids.

You can set some rules on creating the mural art, like giving them specific colors that they can use, or limiting their work area to a specific part of the walls.

kids art

Creative Lighting

It’s obligatory for any bedroom to have overhead lighting and perhaps a lamp on the nightstand. But aside from these, there are plenty of creative lighting options that can serve as décor in a child’s room.

Fairy lights strung along the wall give a magical effect that young girls would love. Custom-made neon signs that spell their name would also be an exciting addition to a child’s or teenager’s room. There are also plenty of fun and creative designs for night lights that you can buy.

Chalkboard Wall Panels

Here’s another inspiring kids’ room décor for the artistically inclined. By turning a section of wall in your child’s bedroom into a fully functional chalkboard, you are giving them the opportunity to create new works of art every day, or whenever they feel like it. They can also use it as a reminder board for things to do, and so on.

Unique Beds

Aside from being the main piece of furniture in the room, you can turn your child’s bed into a visual focal point, or the central element in the room’s theme. For instance, if your little one is into cars or racing, they might very well squeal with delight if you get them a race car bed. Or if you have two (or even three) girls sharing a room, this fancy dollhouse bed would be a perfect choice.

inspiring kids room decor

Clever Storage

Kids always have a lot of stuff. With some imagination, you can easily create plenty of storage solutions that will not only keep all their stuff organized but also encourage them to actually clean up. For toys, you can use box stools that function both as seating and storage. For their small personal items, you can hang racks on the inside of their closet door.

You can also think outside the box and come up with fun and clever storage solutions. A hanging shoe rack, for instance, can be a place to store their Barbies and other dolls. A low painted ladder resting against a wall can be used for hanging towels or clothes.

Final Thoughts

Like we said, there are really no rules when it comes to designing a child’s room. But it’s always important to make sure you choose room elements and décor that are safe and age appropriate. As for furniture, definitely pick pieces that are beautiful but durable at the same time so that can withstand the rambunctious play that kids are known for.

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