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How to Create a Living Room for Kids

kids living rooms

The living room is usually the chicest and most sophisticated room in the house. However, it can be challenging to come up with a functional and practical living room design when there are young kids around. While you want to create a classy space where you would be proud to welcome guests, you also want to keep it kid-friendly at the same time. The challenge lies in striking a balance between these two seemingly incompatible concepts.

Parents don’t need to despair though. The trust is that there are plenty of ways to create a living room for kids that is perfectly presentable for adults as well. Below, we have listed some of the best parent-tested techniques for creating a stylish but kid-friendly living room.

Ottoman Storage

Even though your child might have their own room or playroom, we all know that their toys have a way of finding themselves all over the house. It is therefore wise to have designated storage space for them in every room. In the living room, you can use ottomans that are actually dual-purpose toy bins. Unless you open them, they will look just like ordinary pieces of furniture and jive seamlessly with the other items in your living room.


Hanging Baskets

Baskets are very versatile items when it comes to storage and organization. They also have an irresistible rustic charm that makes them excellent décor in any living space. If you hang some large baskets on the wall of your living room, they can serve as storage for extra throw pillows, blankets and very importantly, your kids’ toys.

Cube Storage

The living room is supposed to be for all members of the family, including young children. So instead of constantly shooing them away into their playroom, what you can do instead is to give them their own private corner of the living room. Here, you can install some cube storage that can contain some of their toys and books. Even if you have guests, your toddler can do their own entertaining as they play in their corner with their dolls and stuffed animals.

Kid Artwork on Display

Your children can add their own personal touch to the living room through their own artwork. In lieu of expensive paintings made by strangers, why not frame your little ones’ works of art and hang these as décor on your living room walls? Alternatively, you can put up an oversized framed corkboard on a wall onto which you can showcase your kids’ latest artworks. This way, it will be easier to change up your “wall art” every time your little artist creates a new piece.

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Use Kid-Friendly Furniture

Although your kids won’t probably be very interested in the furniture in your living room, it is still better if you can get pieces that have safety features specifically for young children. Rounded corners, for instance, can help avoid nasty cuts in the event of accidents. Drawers that are installed on European gliders for smooth pulling, and have safety stoppers to keep them from falling out when pulled are also recommended.

Opt for Washable Upholstery

Spills and stains will be unavoidable with toddlers in the house. Instead of going through the anguish of stressing yourself out on how to remove that ghastly stain, it would be better to invest in couches with kid-friendly upholstery in the first place. Microfiber is an excellent choice for practicality and durability, as are ultra-suede and leather.

Final Thoughts

With these smart and stylish ideas, you can easily create a living room that adults and children can share in harmony, and that will also look very elegant at the same time.

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