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Bedroom Layout Ideas to Give Your Space a Fresh New Look

bedroom ideas

If you are longing for a change in the layout of your bedroom but don’t exactly know how to arrange your furniture, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will talk about some great bedroom layout ideas that you can use in your redecorating project. Some of these layouts are quite out of the box, others are meant to maximize the space in small rooms. In any case, we hope these fantastic ideas will inspire you when you give your bedroom a makeover.

Incorporating the Home Office

Although the bedroom is primarily for sleeping and resting, many people also use the space as their home office. This is especially true in recent months when a lot of employees had to transition into the work-from-home setup, despite not having a designated office area in the house.

Creating an office area in the bedroom can be as simple as putting a desk and chair in one corner of the room. If lighting is sparse, you can set up a table by a large window for daytime writing, or simply invest in a sleek lamp. If there is limited space in the bedroom, you can trade your old nightstand for one that can double as a small office desk that can accommodate your laptop or that you can use for writing. This espresso nightstand from Discovery World will do very nicely, and it also has a deep drawer to hold your office essentials.

kids wooden desks

Creating a Reading Nook

Many people like to use the bedroom as a place for reading, mainly because it is quiet and relaxing. While some are happy to read while tucked in bed, using a night lamp for lighting, having your own reading nook does add a unique charm to your bedroom.

A comfortable chair to lounge in, plus an ottoman that lets you raise your feet, makes for a perfect reading nook for any bookworm. If your bedroom has a bay window, you can place some soft cushions or pillows on it so you can enjoy your favorite book in natural daylight.

Maximizing Storage

Storage is always in demand in the bedroom. In addition to the built-in closet, if you have one, you can also position different pieces of furniture all around the room to serve as storage solutions. A chest of drawers can hold clothes, bed linen or towels. A dresser or nightstand with drawers can hold many of your personal items.

If you have limited floor space and can’t put in too many cabinets in the room, you can make the most of the space underneath your bed and use it as storage. Beds with drawers and pullout trundles will work very well for this purpose.

Storage Beds

Where to Position the Bed

The position of your bed will depend largely on the size of your bedroom and the placement of windows and other non-movable elements in the room. Many people also consider Feng Shui guidelines in positioning the bed, for the purpose of inviting positive energy into the space.

In a fairly large bedroom, the bed is typically placed in the center, with the head against one wall. This asserts that the bed is indeed the focal element in the room, and establishes a sense of balance in the space. A lot of people also position their beds such that the length is against the wall. In some cases, this is the most practical option, like bunk beds or loft beds that have a desk underneath.

With these bedroom layout ideas in mind, we are sure that you will soon be moving your furniture around and giving your space that makeover that you have been dreaming about!

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