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Creative Playroom Storage Designs

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Keep Your Kid’s Toys Organized!

The perennial mess in a child’s playroom is the woe of mothers all over the country. While it is indeed hard to get a lot of kids to clean up after playtime, there are ways to get them more willing and even interested in the task. One of these is to use imaginative playroom storage designs that will make kids feel like they are still playing even while cleaning up!

Hanging Wire Baskets

This is an easy way to teach young kids how to sort their toys because all the contents are clearly seen from the outside. They will quickly see which toys go into which containers. It is ideal to hang wire baskets near floor level so that even toddlers will be able to reach into them and get what they need with ease.

Wire baskets are ideal for medium sized pieces that come in sets. Cooking toys, for instance, can go into one basket, while small animal plush toys can go into another.

Clotheslines and Pins

This is an ideal way of storing your kids’ best works of art while also keeping them on display to serve as wall décor for the playroom. As more drawings and paintings are born, you can easily add new ones or ask your child to choose their favorite, and keep the older ones in boxes for more permanent safekeeping.

Photo Ledges

This is another one of those playroom storage designs that double as display venues. Photo ledges are very narrow and originally used for showcasing photo frames. But in a playroom, you can install several rows of them along a designated display wall and use them to store small collectible toys like action figures, Matchbox cars, and so on.

Cube Storage

This is one of the most popular storage designs in playrooms and nursery schools because it is very effective. The partitions make for efficient organization of toys and books, while the low build makes the shelves very accessible even for very young children. You can put decorative baskets or labeled boxes inside the cubes to take your organization a notch higher.


These large containers are not only built for holding dirty clothes. With their size and wide opening, hampers are the perfect storage solution for large stuffed toys, especially those that are too big for the toy shelves. A covered hamper would make for a neater appearance but if you are going to use it for stuffed animals, leaving it uncovered so the animals can peek out of the basket would actually be quite adorable.

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Kid-Friendly Wooden Furniture

While colorful plastic boxes and bins do make the playroom fun and interesting, there is an element of charm that you can only get from wooden furniture. There is plenty of kid-friendly wooden furniture that is very fitting to put inside a playroom.

This treasure chest, for instance, comes with three drawers that can store plenty of smaller toys, as well as two layers of shelves for storing books or bigger toys. It is available in various wood finishes such as ash, merlot and honey, so you can easily pick the one that would work best with the other furniture in the space.

Final Thoughts

With these creative playroom storage designs, your little ones will certainly be stoked to put away toys and might even do it themselves before you remind them to. Keeping the playroom tidy will become an effortless and even fun chore, and the space would look a lot better as well. It’s certainly going to be a win-win situation for everyone!

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