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Kids Wall Décor Ideas

wall decor

Before your kids start decorating their room with posters of their favorite bands and celebrities (if that still happens these days), get them involved in redecorating their room. It’s not just about changing the color of the paint; there are so many more ways to add decoration to walls. So let’s take a look at some kids wall décor ideas.

Use their wall to reach their artistic side

If you have a child who enjoys writing, drawing, or doodling, it is a great idea to give them a designated area to do this. For example, you could have a whole wall of chalkboard paint with a pot of chalk for their creations. Another idea is a whiteboard and some dry wipe markers – though only if you trust your child will stick to the board and not draw elsewhere!

Add a bit of the outdoors

If your child likes nature, you could paint a wall to look like trees and plants or get a sticker decal or mural if you’re not good with a paintbrush. You could even add a swing hanging from the ceiling in front of the nature wall.


For the bookworms

If your child likes reading, why not fill a wall with shelving for all of their favorite books. Choose different sized shelves for their different books so that their book collection can grow as they age. You could also add a kids recliner, kids chairs or kids sectionals at the foot of the wall so that they have somewhere to settle with a book of their choosing.

Dotty and spotty

If you fancy adding color but don’t want a room to be overwhelming, you could add colored circles on a white background. Kids will love the pop of color and their friends will be jealous too. If you don’t want to paint the circles, you can look for decals or wall stickers online that meet your needs.

Don’t forget the ceiling

Ceilings are often forgotten about, but also provide an opportunity to decorate. And it’s not just about glow-in-the-dark planets and stars anymore. How about having a bright color on the ceiling with walls in a neutral tone? It’s certainly a novel way of adding color to a room!

wall decor

Go neutral

Kids (and adults) often have the urge to go all-out with colorful décor, but consider how often kids will outgrow their room and want something new. With neutral walls, it’s easy to change the theme of a room with accessories. Things like wall canvases, rugs, cushions and furniture are all part of a room’s décor, and with a neutral canvas, you can change things much more easily.

Go geometric

Geometric patterns on walls are becoming popular in kids wall décor. Often created by using tape and different color paint, the design is up to you. It’s also a great way of getting the kids involved in the design too!

An art wall

If you have young kids (or artistic older ones), having a wall dedicated to their drawings and paintings is a good idea. Whether you choose to put them in frames or half cork panels and push pins is up to you – you could even do a mixture of both!

Final thoughts on kids wall décor ideas

There are so many different ways you can make your kids’ bedroom walls interesting. But, whether going bold or neutral, paint or paper, make sure you involve your child in the decision-making. After all, it’s them who’s going to be looking at those four walls each night as they fall asleep – and whenever they’re in there during the day, of course too!

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