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Modern Kids Furniture Styles

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Decorating a children’s room takes lots of creativity. You need something that’s not going to date too quickly as the child grows. As furniture is expensive, you need to consider purchasing something that won’t seem too babyish in a few years’ time.

There are lots of modern kids’ furniture styles that offer the best of both worlds – they’re appealing to children and parents alike. When looking for new furniture, it’s important to find the happy medium between pleasing your child and choosing something practical. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations when looking at modern kids’ furniture styles.

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Every kid needs storage, and thankfully, modern kids’ furniture styles are both practical and robust. Traditional storage like sideboards and bookcases work well, and you can always combine these with more modern storage ideas like hanging baskets, storage bins and colorful shelving. However, when it comes to kids’ storage, it needs to be appealing so that your kids want to keep their space tidy and organized. With modern kids’ furniture styles, your kid’s bedroom will be the envy of all of their friends.

A space to work

Even young children like to have their own workspace, and for older kids, a work area is essential. Modern kids’ furniture styles tend to offer space-saving loft beds with a workspace below. It’s also possible to find modern stand-alone desks with comfortable chairs that are kid-friendly. With a dedicated space to work, kids will get into good habits early, which will set them up for life.

Desks don’t have to be boring; you can add a whiteboard, chalkboard, pinboard or bulletin board, as well as funky pen pots.

Kids captain beds

One bed type that’s really popular with kids right now is the captain bed. These beds offer lots of storage and have the benefit of having things within easy reach for kids. So they can have all of their favorite things to hand – whether it’s a soft toy, book, tablet or lamp, they’ll never have to get out of bed once they’re all tucked up warm!

Loft beds and bunk beds

A couple of decades ago, the only bunk beds available were twin over twin bunk beds. Nowadays, modern kids’ furniture styles are much more diverse. There are twin over full options, different ladder types, including a proper staircase, all-in-one loft beds with a desk and a pull-out trundle bed, and even full over full bunk beds. So whatever the wants and needs for kids and parents, there are so many bunk bed and loft bed options available these days.

Fun beds

Kids’ bedrooms nowadays and not just places for sleep. They’re for playing, doing homework, and for storing possessions. Modern kids’ furniture styles incorporate all of these needs. Young children will love the fun of a low loft bed with a slide and tent underneath, while older children will appreciate captain beds with all their drawers and shelves to store their favorite possessions.

Final thoughts on modern kids’ furniture styles

Whatever you need from kids’ furniture, modern kids’ furniture styles offer it all. They have storage and are fun, practical, and robust – there are so many boxes checked. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to agree with your kids on what furniture to buy. Thankfully, modern kids’ furniture styles are pleasing to both parents and children, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Redecorating a kid’s bedroom doesn’t have to be a challenge, therefore, modern kids’ furniture styles can come to the rescue.

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