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Shared Kids Bedroom Ideas

Whether you’ve got different ages of siblings or twins, deciding on décor for a shared kids bedroom isn’t always easy. Sharing a room as a child can teach you many great life lessons. Kids learn to be respectful of another person’s space and belongings and learn how to share. That said, when kids share a room, the space can descend quite quickly into an area of conflict. Choosing the right layout, furniture and décor of your kids’ shared space is vital if you want a harmonious living arrangement. So, whether your children are like chalk and cheese, or different sexes and ages, we’ve gathered some shared kids bedroom ideas for you to consider in the hope that they will help keep things friendly while allowing each child to feel their room reflects their personality.

Siblings of different ages and sharing a room

Quite often, siblings who share a room aren’t of the same age. Choosing the arrangement of beds can be difficult – especially if the room is a smaller size. However, nowadays, there are so many different solutions that you’re spoilt for choice. If you have an older sibling who wants a full-size bed, you can opt for a twin over full bunk bed set up. While being space-saving, these are also great for creating each individual’s private space away from their sibling.

If both children are older, then why not choose a full over full bunk bed. Both kids will be happy to have a larger sleeping space without their beds taking up the whole room.

Shared Kids Bedrooms

Choosing décor in a shared room

If you have one child who wants bright pink and another who wants yellow, it can be tough to make the decision on what paint to go for. With a bit of creativity, however, it is possible to blend different colors together. For example, you could do one wall in one color and another in the other choice. Or, why not make a mosaic-style pattern with lots of colors and the help of a roll of masking tape.

Creating separate spaces

Even in a shared room, there are ways of creating the feel of separate spaces. If there’s a chimney breast in the room, for example, this could be used strategically. Or, you could position the beds in an unconventional set-up – head to head, for instance. It’s all about creating as much privacy – or an illusion of – as possible. This is especially important for children who often want more privacy in their teenage years.

share  kids bedrooms

Choosing furniture

Just because your kids are sharing the same room doesn’t mean they have to have the same style or color of the furniture. So if one child wants dark wood and the other wants white, what’s the problem? Ok, so it might not look aesthetically pleasing to you, but when your children get to choose the furniture that makes up their space, they can really feel a sense of ownership.


As well as different colors and styles of furniture, you can let kids choose their own style of bedding and accessories for their own individual spaces. So if one wants space-themed bedding and the other wants football, it doesn’t matter. Just because they share the room doesn’t mean they have to have the same. Other customizable accessories include soft toys, beanbags, pictures on the walls, and cushions.

Final Thoughts

Whatever set-up you go for in a kids shared bedroom will work as long as the kids have input into it. That said, you’d be wrong to think things will be harmonious 100% of the time! The same goes for tidiness, too – especially during the teenage years!

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