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Tween Bedroom Décor

tween furniture

It’s tough being a “tween” when you’re in between childhood and adolescence. You’re too cool to be called a kid, but not quite a teen yet. Tweens look for more responsibility and recognition and start wanting to be in their own space a lot more. It’s a fine balancing act, that’s for sure.

Choosing the right tween bedroom décor is tricky too. Tweens have more demands in terms of homework and they’re also just finding their stride socially and in their hobbies. A tween’s room, therefore, has many functions. It’s a workspace, a play space, and a space for entertaining. Getting them involved is essential – they’ll have much more inclination to keep their room nice if they’ve had input into its décor. So, without further ado, let’s look at some ideas for great tween bedroom décor.

sectionals for kids

Tweens need hangout space

As your tween starts to become more independent, they might spend time in their bedroom with their friends. Whether they’re watching films, listening to music, or just chilling out, they will need somewhere comfortable to sit. For this, therefore, it’s great to have some tween-friendly furniture like kids recliners, tween loungers, or kids sectionals to move as they wish.

Add fun with a ceiling swing

Tweens are still young enough to enjoy the motion of a swing. These days, you can get all sorts of indoor swings that can attach to the ceiling. This will also create entertainment for their friends.

Tween beds

There are lots of bed types suitable for tweens. Let’s look at three types loved by kids of all ages.

Loft beds

The great thing about a loft bed is that it’s so practical. Your tween will love being up high and will also feel grown up with a desk underneath. There are lots of different options for stairs and a ladder, including a full staircase.

Captain beds

These are great for tweens because they begin to enjoy spending more time chilling in their rooms at this age. With a captain bed, they’ll have everything within easy reach – their books, tablet, phone, and other things they can’t be without.

Bunk beds

Whether your tween shares or not, a bunk bed is a great idea for a tween’s room. With a twin over a full bunk bed, your tween will be able to have their friends come and stay for a sleepover with ease.

Bed with a canopy

No tween is too old for a canopy on their bed! This is great for decoration but also for feeling cozy too.

Getting creative

If you’ve got a creative tween, why not paint a whole wall in chalkboard paint? Alternatively, you could paint a wall white and give your tween free reign to design some graffiti or doodles with some paint pens. Remember, this is their space, so try not to interfere too much!

Final thoughts on tween bedroom décor ideas

Whatever your tweens are into, it’s important that they take part in the redecoration of their bedroom. It’s only with respect and responsibility that your tweens will take care of their new space. If they’ve had input into it and helped to create it themselves, they’re much more likely to keep it clean and tidy.

So, whether you’re creating a hangout space, a creative space, or somewhere for your tween to sleep and do their homework, there are lots of things to consider. One final consideration is giving your tween a plant. They’ll learn to look after it and perhaps develop their love of nature!

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