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Bunk Beds for Teenage Boys: Why These Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever Before

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds have been around for decades and make practical sleeping solutions for many families. As well as being space-saving, they’re also a way of giving people their own space. So, if your teenage son regularly has friends staying for a sleepover, it might be an idea to look for suitable bunk beds for teenage boys. Or, if you’ve got more than one teenage boy at home, you might want to look at full over full bunk beds, so they both feel more grown-up by having a big bed.

A few decades ago, there was only one type of bunk bed – a twin over a twin. Nowadays, there are so many different types and styles out there. While perhaps seen initially as a thing for younger children, bunk beds for teenage boys do exist!

Full Over Full Bunks

Benefits of owning a bunk bed for sleepovers

Although they’re often portrayed as a thing that teenage girls love to do, teenage boys also love sleepovers. And while girls might not be bothered about sharing a bed with their friends, often boys are. This is why having bunk beds for teenage boys is a great idea. Not only will your teen boy have his own private space that a cozy bunk offers, but having his friends over will be a breeze. What’s more, the bed can double up as a guest space too.

Benefits of bunk beds for teenage boys sharing a room

If you have two teenage boys that need to share a room, bunk beds are an option – and they’re often preferred. With a bunk, teenagers have much more privacy than if they were in two twin beds side by side. The teen on the lower bunk has a private space below the top, and the teen on the upper bunk has his dedicated space too. And, when the teens are in their beds, they can’t see each other.

Twin over full bunk beds for teenage boys

A twin over full bunk bed is really versatile. For example, if there’s an older teen and a younger teen, the older one can have a larger space below. This means he can lounge around, sit and play video games, and entertain friends with more space. What’s more, a twin over full bunk bed feels less like a bunk bed, which might be appreciated by an older teenage boy who thinks bunk beds are for children.

full over full unk beds

Full over full bunk beds for teenage boys

If you have two older teens, but not a lot of space, full over full bunk beds take up the space of one full-size bed but have the benefits of having two! With this type of bed, both teens will feel equal and grown-up. They’ll also both have a lot of space that is just theirs and is more private. Not many bedrooms are big enough to accommodate two full-size beds, so this is a great way of saving space while giving teens what they want.

Are bunk beds for teenage boys a good idea?

Bunk beds are so versatile and there are so many styles now available that teenage boys will appreciate bunk beds as much as you will. Whether it’s to save space, have a place for guests, or offer two teenage boys the chance to share with full-size beds, there are plenty of options available. Gone are the days of one type of bunk bed! Instead, bunk beds for teenage boys are both plentiful and varied! We’re sure that you’ll find something that suits everyone’s tastes and needs.

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