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Kids Bedroom Themes

honey colored wood furniture

A theme is an engaging way to bring the look and feel of a kid’s bedroom together, giving it a purpose, focus, and a concerted decorative look. They can also be fun, allowing you to indulge in imagination as you style the space according to the subject you have chosen, while also working closely with your kids to ensure that the bedroom ends up matching their visions and dreams.

race car beds

Twin Race Car Bed – 4004R

The bed is going to be the most important furniture piece in any kids’ bedroom, so it should be considered when building a theme. Items such as the red kids sports car bed can do this overtly, giving you an instant topic to center the room around. This can then be enhanced with posters, cut out decals, stencils, and even toy cars spread in display across the area.

When coordinating a kid’s bedroom theme, you want to make sure that you use all matching accessories so that you get a single, direct, concerted look. Area rugs, dressers, storage furniture pieces, and decorative items should pair nicely with the style of the bed, and the look of the other furnishings in the space. Bedding should also be coordinated, with blankets, sheets, and pillowcases chosen to fit the feel of the rest of the room.

Dollhouse Loft

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs – 0300

A great way to inspire a love of learning in your kids is to pick a bedroom theme that has a science basis. You can decorate their room like outer space, with glow in the dark stars and model ships hanging from the ceiling to help spark an interest in astronomy. An underwater look with stencilled sea creatures on the walls can be great for a future marine biologist. Another idea is to use green and brown construction paper to create a jungle theme, and then let them draw animals to match.

A girl’s doll house bed is another kid’s bedroom furniture centerpiece that can instantly develop a theme around it. Use construction paper cut outs of giant toys and oversized features taped to the wall to make the space seem huge and your little girl small. Stuffed figures can also be posed throughout to create an immersive theme experience.

As you go through the process of setting up kids bedroom themes it’s important to constantly interact with your children, and get their feedback every step along the way. The more you can incorporate their ideas into the room the more they will feel a sense of ownership, and want to maintain the space. It is also a great excuse to interact with them, while encouraging them to think creatively and collaboratively.

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