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Metal Bunk Beds With a Desk and Stairs

This week we are introducing a brand new addition to our catalog of quality products; the silver metal bunk beds with a desk and stairs attached. These are extremely efficient pieces of children’s bedroom furniture, that can help to maximize the function of even very small spaces. The raised loft bed saves floor space, allowing a desk set to be installed underneath for work, study, and play. The attached stairs then create a safe and easy way to ascend and descend from the heights each night.

These Donco silver metal bunk beds are impressive, eye catching pieces, that can help to create a sleek, sophisticated, modern look in a child’s bedroom. The silver powder coat material glistens in the light, while the firm, stately, and solid construction of the frames makes them a dominant fixture in any interior environment.

The embedded full length desk set that slides beneath these metal bunk beds is made from matched materials in order to create a concerted look. That provides the perfect space for finishing homework, engaging in arts and crafts projects, playing with toys, or enjoying a board game. At the same time it helps to create a studious feel in the bedroom, that will encourage your children to learn, read, and explore the world of ideas.

These bunk beds with stairs are particularly good options for small children, as the steps leading up provide a safe and easy way to ascend to the top bunk each night. All of our bunk beds are also quality crafted to be sturdy, durable, and reliable, and they even exceed the ASTM’s standards for bunk safety and strength. This ensures that the metal bed you purchase will last through years of even rigorous use.

These metal bunk beds with stairs can be great play time accessories if a little imagination is employed. Just drape blankets or sheets down from the top bunk and over the desk area to instantly enclose the structure, creating a secret fortress, castle, or spaceship that can then be used for flights of fanciful adventure. That allows you to turn these functional furniture pieces into fun works of interactive children’s decor.

At the same time the stylish sophistication and functional space saving qualities of these metal bunk beds with a desk make them great for older children and teenager’s bedrooms. They can also be useful elements in dorm and loft apartments, as the inherent quality of these beds gives them a timeless appeal. If you are interested in wholesale pricing on these metal bunk beds then contact us for more information.

Combining practicality with craftsmanship and inherent beauty, these silver metal bunks beds with stairs have everything you need to complete a child or young adult’s bedroom. These are also great pieces for guest bedrooms, or home office’s, as they give you the work area you need, while also providing an extra sleeping space for when guests come to stay. That kind of versatility allows you to get creative with your home designs.

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