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Boys Rooms With Bunk Beds

Bunk beds can be a great functional accessory for boy’s rooms. They help to maximize the efficiency of the space by doubling the sleeping area, without taking up valuable flooring. This can be particularly important when you have boys sharing a small bedroom. At the same time bunk beds have the ability to become fun features, providing your children with a variety of creative outlets for play.

Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Honey Mission Bunk Beds- 2111

When choosing bunk beds for boys rooms the most important thing is safety. Children can be rambunctious, so with a piece of elevated furniture you need to know that the structure is strong, sound, and secure. Luckily all of the bunks offered on KFS Stores are built using solid wood and wood composite materials, which are connected using real metal on metal bonds to exceed all ASTM standards for safety.

Style can also be important, especially if you plan on keeping the beds for a long time. Boys rooms with wood bunk beds will tend to take on a more subdued, classic look, with a timeless feel that can easily age with your children. If you choose metal bunk beds then the space will take on a more sleek, contemporary look that can be particularly good for teenage boys bedrooms.

You can further elevate the appearance of a boys room with a bunk bed through the use of matched and contrasting accessories. Things such as throw rugs, dressers, mirrors, desks, and drawers can all be coordinated to create a concerted look throughout the environment.

Boys Room Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Desk Merlot Convertible Bunk Bed – 2816 DESK

While safety and style are important, kids are going to care more about fun, and the good news is that bunk beds can deliver. If you use a little imagination, it’s possible to frame the top bunk as a towering lookout, a great soaring pillar that raises the child into the air to peer out over the world for potential friends and enemies. At the same time the bottom bunk can easily be turned into a cave, fort, or castle, using pillows and blankets as walls and buttresses.

By describing the bunk bed as an exciting play time toy, rather than a space saving piece of children’s bedroom furniture, you can help to eliminate some of the reluctance that may come from forcing boys to share a bedroom. Each bunk provides a semi private space, corded off from the rest of the environment. At the same time the whole piece can easily be imagined as a giant war mech, a spaceship, a submarine, or a secret fortress in the woods. You can even decorate the rest of the room to match that decor.

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