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Black Metal Loft Beds With Stairs

This week we are introducing a sleek contemporary new piece to our line of children’s and young adult bedroom furniture. The black metal loft beds with stairs feature a modern painted powder black surface, that is stylish in a variety of upscale settings. Smooth straight lines, and a minimalist form serve to elevate this inherently eye catching piece of black bedroom furniture to new heights of decorative power.

The design itself features a twin over twin bunk bed frame, that gives you double the sleeping space without taking up twice the floor room. All of the components are supported by metal on metal clasps which further reinforce the strength of these pieces. These metal loft beds also have built in stairs that make it a simple affair to get up and down from the top loft each night.

One of the best things about these sleek black metal loft beds is that they have a timeless style that works well for small children, teenagers, and even young adults. The painted powder black metal frame is at home in kids bedrooms, as well as dorm rooms and college loft apartments. With that kind of versatility you can purchase these bunk beds for small children and still get years of use out of them before they have to be replaced.

Are you looking for wholesale loft beds for dorms, schools, and universities? We are happy to offer our black metal bunks at small and large bulk wholesale discounts to institutions that need to purchase multiple beds for children or young adults. Just contact us for more information and a sales associate will be happy to tell you about all of the wholesale bunk bed policies and price options that are available to you.

In addition to these great new black metal bunk beds we also have a wide variety of bedroom accessories that can help to complete the look of your child’s room. You should pay particular attention to our line of throw rugs and area rugs which have recently been added to the catalog, as these pieces can do a lot to completely fill out and finish the look of a bedroom space.

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