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How To Organize a Girl’s Room

When setting out to organize a girl’s room it is often best to start by tearing it apart. Not literally, but you should take everything that is loose in the room and pull it out, setting it in one place so it can be properly categorized, and organized into different sections. The grouping will be based on where those items will be stored, and will be integral to your organization strategy for the entire room.

As you sort her possessions into different categories, try to keep an eye out in the room for the potential storage solutions you will end up using. This can include drawers, shelves, boxes, and bins that may already be in the space. You should also start gauging relative sizing to figure out if the storage you have will be sufficient for all of her items.

organizing a girls room

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One great space saving organization trick in a girls bedroom is to purchase furniture pieces that have hidden storage components built into them. There are numerous beds and bunk beds with drawers and shelves designed into the frame which can do double duty in a cramped child’s bedroom.

You should also try to work with the girl as you organize her room, getting her feedback on what pieces are more important on a day to day basis, and which ones can be put into long term storage. This will help to personalize the space and give them a sense of ownership, encouraging them to take pride in their surroundings and later on, put in the work to maintain it.

When you get everything organized into piles, it’s time to put them away. Here you can get a little creative, placing some more attractive items as decorative pieces in publicly seen places such as shelves and table tops. Storage items can be stowed beneath beds or in the bottoms of closets. Of course you can also make use of the walls for hanging extra shelves and surfaces.

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With a girl’s room style is going to be important so you want to choose organizational options that blend naturally into the space. Colors should all match, or contrast attractively. The idea is to make the space look and feel more comfortable and functional. In some cases, specialty storage accessories such as fine chests or dressers can actually elevate the look of a girl’s bedroom.

The actual organizational strategy that you use in a girl’s room should depend on the child herself. Very meticulous personalities will do better with heavily striated options, lots of little drawers, little containers, and very highly detailed placements. More lax girls will do much better with broad categorizations and just a few, simple organizational structures, making maintenance easy and simple.

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