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Club House Bunk Beds With Slide

We are proud to introduce the brand new line of KFS Stores club house bunk beds with slides. These fun and fanciful children’s beds are the perfect accessories for creating a sense of whimsical possibility in your kids bedroom. At the same time they can inspire imagination, and lead to hours of creative adventures for your little ones as they grow through the years.

club house beds

White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide – Blue – 750TW

The design features a space saving twin sized bunk bed, with an included tent flap that hangs down over the side, creating a secret club house below. These club house bunk beds also have a side slide that allows a fun and exciting exit from the bed each morning. Those features combine to make these bunk beds function as both pieces of sturdy children’s bedroom furniture, as well as interactive toys for the room.
The tent bunk bed flaps come in five different colors including pink, blue, red, camo, and polka dot. That lets you customize a girl’s princess bed, or a boys secret clubhouse bunk bed depending on the child you are buying it for. Color coded bunk bed tent flaps also let you match the hue of the furniture to the other accessories and features in the bedroom.

As with all of our elevated children’s beds, the KFS Stores club house bunk beds with a slide are built to exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety and durability. Manufactured from solid wood with a sturdy MDF slide, all pieces are bolted together with real metal on metal connectors to ensure a bond that can last for years of rigorous use.

Another option with these great bunk beds is to purchase two for children sharing a room. One of the worst complaints that kids have when they have to share their bedroom with a sibling is that they don’t have any place that is just their own. With these club house bunk beds you create a self contained space, a fortress of solitude which is like a mini room in the greater area.

girls bunk beds

White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide – Pink – 750TW

Of course these innovative bunk beds are also made to inspire play, and provide children with countless possibilities for imagination fueled adventure. From sitting atop a castle wall looking out over their enemies, to hiding in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean, these clubhouse beds are the perfect accessory for almost any adventure your kids can imagine.

These club house bunk beds also make great gifts! Some kids may be disappointed when getting bedroom furniture for a holiday, but this bed is so much more. It’s actually a giant toy that will make their room a better, more exciting place. In this way you can do your furniture and your birthday shopping all at the same time.

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