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Teenage Girl Bunk Beds

If you have teenage girls sharing a small room, then bunk beds might be the perfect solution for you. These innovative bedroom furniture pieces make use of otherwise wasted vertical space, by propping one sleeping surface atop another. That effectively doubles the bedding room, while only using up half of the floor room. However it is important to take into consideration style concerns when dealing with older teenage children.

Merlot Colored Bedroom Furnitures

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Staircase Bunk Beds – 2814

The great thing about the Discovery World Furniture products that we offer is that they have a style and sophistication that makes them perfect for children of any age. Built using real, solid wood or wood composite materials, our beds are lovingly finished in a variety of lacquer colors and paint treatments that both enhance and protect the surface of these pieces. The result are bedroom furnishings with a grace and maturity that will easily fit into any teenage girls bedroom decor.

You can take the decorative function of our teenage girl bunk beds a step further by making use of our matched bedroom furnishings. All of our stylish teenage girls bunk beds can also be paired with a variety of solid and composite wood accessories, to create an integrated look through the space. This includes dressers, desks, chests, mirrors, and more. Many of our bunk beds also have storage drawers and shelves built directly into their frames.


Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full White Mission Bunk Bed – 0218

You may want to consider a full over full bunk bed if trying to accommodate older teenage girls, as the larger space will be both more comfortable, and will give them room to grow over the years. Many of our full over full bunk beds for girls are also de-stackable, which means that they can be taken down and apart if you get extra space for a second bedroom, or when the girls grow up and go off to life and college. That gives our bunks an inherent versatility.

One thing to consider about bunk beds in a teenage girls room is that they can afford some small amount of privacy, even when space is limited. That is because each bedding surface has it’s own vertical level, separating them from one another. The girl that gets the top bunk has a tower over the world, while the one below gets her own private cave. And while the two are ensconced, they are separate and unseen by one another.

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