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Kids Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Small Bedroom Bunkbeds

Kids are the smallest people in the house, so it makes sense that they would get the smallest bedroom. Unfortunately, these spaces can often seem cramped and claustrophobic, even to little children, who will become especially aware of the constraints of the space as they grow. The good news is that there are a number of tricks that you can use to make a small kids bedroom feel much more expansive.

The first thing you want to do is combat clutter in every way you can. Random items and chaos can make a bedroom feel smaller. To do this, design the space so that it is naturally easy to keep clean. It should even encourage your child to participate in the process. Make sure you have several large bins that can fit all of their toys and games, and label them clearly. You can make it fun by clothing the bins in gift wrap or decorating them with construction paper.

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If you have two or more kids sharing a small bedroom, then you need to do everything that you can to save space. One of the best ideas for that is to employ bunk beds. These clever furniture pieces save space by stacking bedding vertically, freeing up more of the floor for play. The added bonus is that each child will get their own space in the room, separated by height, allowing them to feel a sense of personal ownership.

There are many other clever pieces of space saving kids furniture that you can purchase for a small bedroom. If it’s just one child occupying the space then you can still take advantage of the bunk beds design by purchasing an elevated loft bed, that leaves plenty of space below for a desk, dresser, or play area. Some of these will have desks built directly into them, as well as drawers and even trundles for extra sleeping space.

The best way to ensure that a small kids bedroom doesn’t feel cramped is to make sure there is plenty of light in the space. Ideally this will be natural light from a window, or even a skyroof. If there’s only one window, you can magnify its light by putting a mirror opposite to double the illumination. This should be supplemented with plenty of lamps and overhead lighting opinions to help brighten even the darkest night.

Small kids bedrooms can be a challenge, but with the application of a few creative ideas, you can help to make the space feel bigger than it is, and ensure that your kids are always comfortable in their rooms.

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