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How to Organize a Kids Room When it is Small

Captain Beds

Organizing a kids room can be difficult, especially when you have limited space. Children tend to be chaotic and messy, leaving toys and games and books and clothes lying everywhere without a care. In tiny bedrooms, this can add up to a big mess rather quickly. Luckily there are a number of tricks that you can use to store things in unexpected places, getting the most out of the area that you have, while also naturally encouraging a tidy environment.

Captains Beds

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Twin Captain Day Beds

One of the best ways to organize a kids room when it is small is to make use of beds that are cleverly designed with storage units built directly into them. The most functional of these products are captains beds, which feature drawers that are built directly into the frame of the piece, making use of otherwise wasted under mattress space. Many times these beds will also have backboards with shelving inserts, giving your child another place to both keep and display their possessions.

Another way to get double duty out of your storage furniture is to use products that can also be used as toys. Often you will be able to purchase bins and boxes that are designed to look like castles, animals, dollhouses, or other fun and whimsical items, that can be played with in and of themselves. By adding a little fun into the organizational process you can encourage your kids to be excited about staying tidy.

When trying to keep a kids room organized, it is important to keep things simple. If you have a million tiny cubby holes where each and every possession has to go, they can easily become confused and overwhelmed, leading to them giving up on the process. Rather it is better to divide their items into broad categories that are easy to remember, and employ storage units that are large and obvious.

Bunk Bed

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Honey Mission Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are inherently space saving products that can free up room in a tiny area that is shared by two siblings, by elevating one sleeping surface vertically over the other. These are generally large pieces that rise into the air, and often their frames, steps, and bases will be designed with clever drawers and shelving units, allowing them to double as a dresser. Under frame storage or pull out trundle bed options can also be found in bunk beds.

Even when you employ all of these clever tricks to organize a small kids room, you might still not have enough space for everything. In that case you can try a rotational strategy. This involves dividing their possessions into two or more sections, which will then be rotated in and out of the room periodically throughout the year. Those not in use can be put in a closet elsewhere, and then taken out and replaced with others every once in awhile. This has the added benefit of reinvigorating old toys, games, books, and clothes, which will often seem like new after months of disuse.

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