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8 Uses For Captains Beds

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Captains beds, sometimes called daybeds, are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can buy. Combining the comfort of a sleeping space with the storage benefits of a dresser, they can be useful items in a variety of locations throughout the home, and can be repurposed to a number of different uses over the years.

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Twin Captain Day Beds

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Twin Captain Day Beds

Replacement Dresser: Just because a captains bed has a place for a mattress doesn’t mean that you actually have to use it as a bed. The top of these pieces can be used instead for storage and display. You can also easily cover them over with a piece of finished wood for a conventional dresser look.

Furnished Basements: A captains bed can be a great way to add multiple functions to a furnished basement without having to purchase a lot of different products.

Kids Playroom: In a kids playroom, a captains bed can be an organizational feature as well as an extra space for sleepovers. They can also be painted with bright colors to look like a truck, a castle, or a dollhouse, turning them into giant life sized toys.

Home Office: The storage options of captains beds make them great for organizing a home office, while also giving you an extra place to nap and rest from the toils of work.

Beds For BoysGuest Bedroom: Furnishing a whole bedroom for guests can be costly, especially considering that the room won’t be utilized 100% of the time. A captains bed combines the utility of several pieces into one, saving you the cost of outfitting the entire area.

Display Stand: Many captains beds have shelves built into their backboards and or sideboards. These can be a great way to display prized possessions, while also keeping them neat and tidy.

Kids Bedrooms: Help your kids stay organized with a bed that is also a giant dresser they can sleep over each night.

Couches: Another great use for captains beds is to set them up like luxurious couches. Pillows or cushions can be placed lengthwise along the piece, giving you a place to sit, that also has multiple other uses.

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