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Can My Wood Furniture be Refinished?

Refinishing Wood Furniture

One of the great things about wood furniture is that when it starts to get old it can often be refinished, giving it a fresh new look even after years of use. However this is a process that takes time and effort, and sometimes it’s just not worth it. That’s why it is important to consider whether your wood furniture can be refinished, or if it is time to go out and make a new purchase. 

Wood Furniture

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The first danger sign that you have to look out for is painted furniture. Paint is a heavy duty covering that often goes on a piece of furniture in order to hide serious defects. Even if that was not its intended purpose, it may still be concealing damage below, which will only be revealed once the hard work of stripping it away has been accomplished. By contrast varnish is clear, giving you a somewhat open avenue to see the structural integrity of the piece.

You should also evaluate the age of the furnishing. Time takes its toll on all structures, so older pieces may be degraded to the point that it is a better idea to just buy a new one. However furniture that was produced in the 1950’s and early 1960’s often has the advantage of higher quality, hand made craftsmanship, which was largely abandoned by the manufacturing industry at later dates.

It’s also important to ensure that the piece is strong, firm, and will be able to structurally last past the refinishing process. This can usually be determined by simply evaluating it, pushing on it slightly and seeing if it rocks or wobbles. If the item in question wobbles then it may need to be reglued, and screws or nails might have to be replaced. That can be an intricate process requiring the help of a professional, at a considerable cost.

At KFS Stores you will find a wide variety of excellent wood furnishings, that will last for years, and which can then be refinished to give them a second and even a third life. Our products feature solid wood materials, metal on metal binders, and safety features such as rounded corners and drawer stoppers. These elements combine to create furnishings that are meant to stand the test of time, allowing you to pass them on through generations of use.

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