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Home School Options for Creating a Great Space so Your Kids Can Learn

Kids Bedroom Planning

So many kids are being homeschooled, or partially homeschooled these days, and that presents a number of unique challenges. Trying to get kids to pay attention to a teacher on a screen is much harder than in-person, and many children are starting to get home and screen fatigue from the drawn out circumstances they’ve had to face in 2020.

One of the best ways to counter this is by creating a space for them to learn and study, that is unique, inspiring, and fun. This can be a corner of a bedroom, part of a study or library, or a separate playroom. It doesn’t have to be very big, and it will allow them to differentiate between when it is time to work and when they can play.

The most common item you’ll find in a homeschool space is a desk. This is a place where the child can work, read, and do art work. A good kids room desk will have plenty of easy to reach storage options for pens and pencils and other supplies, as well as adequate lighting. Match this with a comfy chair, but not too comfy! This is a space for work, not sleep.

While you want to ensure that this home school study space is an environment where your child can concentrate, it’s also important to keep them engaged, inspired, and excited about learning. A little decorating can help there. Hang posters that feature scientists and great thinkers. Have little bobbleheads of famous inventors they can play with, or hang a spaceship from the ceiling above them to get them interested in space.

Kids Reading Nook

An alternative to the traditional desk setup for a kids study space is to create a reading nook. This will be a more casual setting, often with small chairs or bean bags placed in a corner. This can be complemented with a small table, and possible a bookshelf or two. This approach is much more relaxed, and encourages them to seek out their own learning opportunities.

Things are tough right now, but your kids still have to learn. Make the experience as pleasant for them as possible by creating a unique study space where they can differentiate between school and play. 

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