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Highly Recommended 5-Year-Old’s Room Decorating Ideas

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Your child is going to be five for just one year, and you should definitely make the most out of this very exciting time in their life. One of the fun ways that you can celebrate this time together is by letting them decorate their room. Well, you will still be making the decisions but you can definitely let them be part of the process.

With the vast creativity of young children, there is no way that they would run out of 5-year-old’s room decorating ideas. But you need to steer them in the right direction if you want the decorating project to be a success. Here are some of the ways that you can do just that.

Consider the Height of Your Child

When picking furniture, décor or whatnot for your child’s room, you need to make sure that things are within their reach. A 5-year-old, even one who might be tall for their age, still has a rather diminutive height. Thus, smaller furniture would be most suitable. This pink and purple chest of drawers, for instance, would be a sure hit for your 5-year-old girl. It’s not just painted in her favorite colors but is also built at the perfect height.

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Decorate the Ceiling

In most room decorating projects, the walls usually get the bulk of the decorator’s attention. But we have found that one of the best 5-year-old’s room decorating ideas is actually to decorate the ceiling. Glow in the dark paint, in particular, can create a very magical experience for a child of this age. You can paint stars, planets and the moon, which would light up the moment you turn off the lights at bedtime. You can also let them decide on what kind of images you would paint for them.

Have Plenty of Display Space

Kids like collecting stuff. Whether these are toys that were bought from the store, or random collectibles like shells from the beach or pictures of their last vacation, they should have a place in their room where they can prominently display their collections. A small bookshelf like this one will do very nicely. You can also get them a bed that comes with a backboard with adjustable shelves, like this daybed.

Creative display solutions are also wonderful for a 5-year-old. For example, you can hang strings across the walls on which they can display their various mementos using wooden clothespins. Corks, of course, are always great for displaying all sorts of small items. Alternatively, you can create a magnetic board on their wall using galvanized metal, safely installed of course.

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Install Ample Lighting

Proper lighting is mandatory for any room, but it can also be used for multiple decorative purposes. In addition to the overhead lighting, you also need to give your child appropriate reading light so they don’t strain their eyes when reading. This gives you the perfect opportunity to check out the vast range of cute lamp designs and pick out one that your child would love.

Pick a Fun Bed

Getting a big kid bed is definitely one of the more significant 5-year-old’s room decorating ideas. The transition from a toddler bed to a “real” bed is an event that deserves special attention. At this age, your child might not yet be ready for a bunk bed but they can certainly feel like a grownup in a new captain day bed, like this full-sized one with shelves along its length. If you think they might get overwhelmed with such a big bed, something like this merlot day bed with trundle pullout would also be a wonderful option.

Final Thoughts

Decorating a 5-year-old’s room can definitely be exciting and memorable. Get your child involved in the process, make decisions based on what they like and on what is safe and appropriate, and make sure you have fun! When you are able to do that, the decorating project is guaranteed to be a success!

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