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Guest Room Captain Beds and Why They Are an Ideal Choice

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When picking furniture for the guest room, there are a lot of important factors that a homeowner needs to take into consideration. To start with, the items must be the right size for the room so they can fit well with ample room for movement. Each piece should fulfill a function in the room and everything should also be well within the budget. Of course, there is also the matter of the comfort of the guests that would be staying in the room for a night or two.

You can choose to put in a few furniture pieces in a guest room but the main element would naturally be the bed. There are many options that are recommended but guest room captain beds are among the most popular. If you have never had the opportunity to use a captain bed, this article would enlighten you on why it is indeed an ideal choice for a guest bedroom.

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Advantages of Guest Room Captain Beds

Captain beds get their name from the beds that are used by a captain while at sea. Space is very limited on ships and so with captain beds, all the available space underneath the bed is maximized and used as storage. Guest room captain beds follow pretty much the same principle but with some modifications and extra features. Here are some of the reasons why these beds are an excellent choice.

Multiple Storage Options

The underneath of a captain bed comes in all sorts of configurations of drawers and trundle pullouts. If you get a captain bed from Kids Furniture Solutions, you can choose the specific configuration that would best fit your needs and your intended position for the bed.

  • 3 drawers along one side + twin trundle pullout
  • 6 drawers in two layers along one side
  • 6 drawers on both sides + twin trundle pullout
  • 12 drawers in two layers along both sides

Each drawer is deeper and wider than the conventional ones so you can really make the most of the space. They slide out easily on European gliders but since they are also fitted with safety stoppers, they will not fall all the way out when you pull them.

In addition to the spacious storage underneath, some guest room captain beds also come with a backboard shelf for display and more storage. This daybed from KFS has adjustable shelves and comes in a charming ash finish that would complement the interior of any guest room.

Full Sized Beds

Comfortable Sleeping

The width of a captain bed is just the right size to make sleeping comfortable. Whether you choose a twin or a full, there will be more than sufficient space for a good night’s rest. Also, if you get your guest room captain beds from Kids Furniture Solutions, you have the option of picking which mattress to get with the bed. There is a wide selection to choose from as well, including coil, gel foam, and innerspring tufted mattresses.

Tidier Living Space

With all the storage solutions included in guest room captain beds, there is really no need to put in a lot of other furniture in the room. You can do away with an extra chest of drawers, for instance, and you can put in a smaller and sleeker dresser instead of a bulky one. With less furniture in the room, the room will look much more open and make for more comfortable movement.

Final Thoughts

No matter what size or design you have going on in a guest room, captain beds should definitely be at the top of your list of options. For more ideas, check out the selection of well-built and beautifully designed captain beds over at Kids Furniture Solutions.

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